Why should you partner with AIMS?

It's all about choosing an intelligent, automated, AI-powered monitoring solution for your customers.


Partnering with AIMS should be an easy choice

Partnering with AIMS should be an easy choice. We're the only intelligent monitoring solution that's deeply focused on integrations. There are three main areas where AIMS is unique among monitoring tools:

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    AIMS is a fully automated solution for your integrations. You don't need to know what to monitor – AIMS maps any IT system automatically.

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    AIMS uses machine learning and AI to set dynamic thresholds for all parameters in your integration environments. The longer it's installed, the smarter it gets.

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    AIMS has extensive real-time analytics and reporting. Set up dashboards and reports for system owners, as well as line of business owners and CxOs.

Our partners use AIMS for health checks, monitoring, insight into business critical applications and when migrating customers from on-prem to cloud/hybrid integrations.

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