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Real-time analytics allow you to dig deeper and understand what's exactly going on in technology your business runs on. Drill down into any system, application, component or performance parameter using AIMS powerful analytics tools. Create health reports, identify the root of performance issues, verify SLA requirements, plan for scaling and more.

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Create your custom scripts and leverage the AIMS API’s to trigger automated resolution of issues based on insight from AIMS. Or integrate with a run-book of choice. Start, stop, scale... the opportunities are endless.

Intuitive Dashboards

Intuitive dashboards empower you with a birds-eye-view or technical performance insights. Dashboards leverage the intelligence of AIMS - machine learning, anomalies, correlation, auto-detection, and the AIMS Score to give you all the information you need to take timely actions backed up by AI. The "Needs Your Attention" module shows the key issues in your environment you should be aware of - including High & Critical Anomalies, Stopped Services, and Critical Errors.


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AIMS' modern IT monitoring solution leverages machine learning and AI to automate installation, configuration, insights and alerting while delivering time-to-value in hours and days - not weeks and months.

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