What is the AIMS PerformancePro program?

February 5 2019

In 2018, AIMS came up with an amazing new idea: the AIMS PerformancePro Program. This would be a program to support the community, achieved by enthusiastic professionals from the community.

The first two candidates were already lined up, and in May of 2018 Ahmed Taha and Eva de Jong started as the first two #aimsperformansepro’s. Soon, the list of interested community contributors started growing, and as more professionals joined our program the need for a community manager arose. Eva started this job in September of 2018, determined to

“build, recruit and manage an active community of IT pros, engage #aimsperformancepros with regular communication, technical training, community-building activities and program activities, learn currently released and in-development technology and act as a technical ambassador toward #aimsperformancepros and the community at large, actively gather feedback from #aimsperformancepros on AIMS product features and capabilities, feature requests and suggestions, promoting and recruiting via social media, blogs and at events”

What is an AIMS Performance Professional?

An #aimsperformancepro is an ambitious and outspoken technical professional, who is interested in the intersection of IT integration, monitoring, analytics, performance tuning and troubleshooting.

Our team consists of professionals who are interested in AIMS AI-powered monitoring. They are willing to learn, discover, and share honest product feedback.

Performance professionals must publish a blog post every once in a while, posted on their own website or AIMS’ resources page.

We are also invited to give an online demo or presentation about subjects close to us, interesting to us, or just something we want to share with the community.

Every two months, #aimsperformancepros can be part of online hackathon session, in which we can learn from each other about Azure related topics. We are building great Azure components by combining our knowledge. Subjects are open to suggestion.

We are invited to help a customer in our region to use AIMS, when needed. Sharing knowledge is an important part of our program.

It is important to engage with the integration community as an #aimsperformancepro, be on top of subjects causing troubles or anything else we can help the community with.

A great aspect of being part of the AIMS performance professional community, is the opportunity to speak at AIMS Talks.

For the programmers among us, we have the option to develop different agents based on AIMS SDK. This way we will be able to integrate and monitor more products. We can also develop auto-healing code from AIMS github opensource code.

Of course, we have to be visible on social media where we use the #aimsperformancepro hashtag, and refer new Performance Professionals to us. As an #aimsperformancepro this comes natural because of your enthusiastic character combined with a great product!

Our 2019 AIMS Performance pro team:

  • Eva de Jong - Integration Specialist | Community Manager | Blogger | Freelance Technical writer
  • Ahmed Taha - Technical Architect at Link Development
  • Fabio Puzzo - Senior Business Consultant at BS-Team Sàrl
  • Sujith Reddy Komma - Technical Lead at Incessant Technologies
  • Jeroen Dielissen - Integration Architect at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
  • Maik van der Gaag - Senior Consultant, Solution Architect & Trainer at 3fifty

 What is in it for me?


Someone who joins the AIMS professional program, becomes a trusted performance monitoring adviser.




By joining the program and contributing by writing technical articles, organizing events, train other professionals and presenting interesting webinars, you will gain community recognition.




Working with AIMS you learn about cutting edge AI-powered integration monitoring.




Professionals are allowed to join an exclusive #aimsperformancepro network


After one month, #aimsperformancepros get access to our exclusive AIMS test environment.

After the second month, we will give you unlimited access to Pluralsight. This is a technology learning platform, offering a learning solution that helps deliver innovation on time and on budget. With Pluralsight, you can evaluate the technical abilities of your teams, align learning to key business objectives and close skills gaps in critical areas like cloud, mobile, security, design and data.


And are rewarded with some nice goodies, such as an AIMS professional pro giftbox (after month 3), and an AIMS anti-anomaly android t-shirt (after writing a review of AIMS on Capterra).

And if you really did a good job, you are invited to join our yearly #aimsperformancepro event. Last year we went to visit Porsche in Leipzig and got to race a Porsche on their test circuit!


AIMS Schwag


Whoah, that’s amazing! How do I join?

Getting started with the AIMS performance professional program is easy:


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