On-demand webinar:  3 reasons why existing BizTalk monitoring can't meet the challenges  of digital business

November 30 2017

You’re wasting a full-time headcount dealing with false alerts and missing 90% of real alerts that actually deserve your attention. You might say “no way!”, but if you’re anything like most companies using traditional performance monitoring tools and approaches for BizTalk, this isn’t too far off the truth.

It’s no wonder IT teams are spending more time than ever on monitoring (up to 25%), while downtime costs range from $1-60M USD annually. And digitalization across all industries will only increase complexity, as companies digitize existing business processes and launch new ones to meet the 24/7 performance demands of today’s customers.

In this webinar, we’ll explain the three main reasons why traditional BizTalk monitoring approaches just aren’t up to the demands of digital business – today or in the future.  We’ll look at:

  • The fatal flaws of traditional tools and approaches
  • False assumptions that form the basis for a traditional  monitoring approach
  • The math behind why traditional monitoring can’t work
  • The new approach to monitoring that puts IT teams in the digitalization driver’s seat

Watch the recorded webinar now and learn how your team can respond to the increasing demands of digital business.  

Watch the recorded webinar now


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