VIDEO: The challenges of monitoring an integration solution today

January 4 2018

At the recent AIMS Talks event in Oslo, Microsoft Azure MVP, blogger and writer Steef-Jan Wiggers presented on the challenges of monitoring a hybrid integration solution today. Check out the video of the complete session below, along with the summary of the key points and takeaways.





Presentation summary

Steef-Jan talks about Microsoft Enterprise Integration; where we came from (everything on-premise), where we are (a hybrid mix between cloud and on-premise) and where we are going (a complete cloudbased environment with no solutions on-premise). He explains how to use LogicApps as connectors to the cloud, allowing us to create the hybrid and cloudbased environments. Shifting towards the cloud, companies could go toward ISaaS integration, or choose to set up a hybrid scenario. The last and most complete digital transformation into the cloud, would be going serverless with all solutions in the cloud.

Comparing the different options, Steef-Jan sums up the benefits:

  • ISaaS solutions offers 24 hours a day availability and it is just as secure as an on-premise scenario.
  • Going to the cloud will reduce Total Cost of Ownership and could be a great strategy going forward.
  • A hybrid solution could offer flexibility, it is an agile setup. Your company is innovating and will be future proof by doing so.
  • Serverless integration offers lower costs, and less devops. You can instantly scale your company's environment and increase business value.

What are the type of challenges you can run into while using this new technology? Steef-Jan explains that the main three issues would be networking, security and monitoring:

  • Companies will have to investigate the different options for networking, and find the option that is best for their unique business requirements.
  • Security governance, identity, access keys and firewalls are some of the important topics to dive into when going towards the cloud.
  • Monitoring is very important in every scenario, and companies should find the perfect monitoring tool to make sure you run a healthy environment.

Summing up the presentation:

  • The integration landscape is shifting.
  • Integration solutions are more distributed.
  • Monitoring challenges: the solution will be a discomputed solution.
  • Insight is key.


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