Top 6 Microsoft Azure and BizTalk videos of 2018

December 6 2018

There are tons of Microsoft integration, Azure and BizTalk videos out there, and it's a lot of work to go through all of them to find the ones that are most valuable. Fortunately, the sessions from Microsoft events are often videotaped and contain a lot of information about new Microsoft functionality. Microsoft Visual Studio also has a very professional YouTube channel with videos about everything you can do from or with

I've seen a lot of great videos this year, and made a list of my top 6 Microsoft integration videos of 2018. So grab a soda, pop some popcorn and start learning!

New capabilities for modern data integration in the cloud

Gaurav Malhotra and Sandy Winarko, Build 2018 – In this video we dive into the needs of data integrators and data engineers. They focus on data warehousing, BI and advanced analytics of data for SaaS applications among other things. We walk through a comprehensive set of new additions to Azure Data Factory, and SSIS for moving and integrating data across on-premises and cloud. Topics and examples include:

  • Simple, scalable and reliable data pipelines in ADF using a serverless, parallel data movement service to/from the cloud,
  • Provisioning of Azure-SSIS Integration Runtime (IR)
  • Dedicated servers for lifting & shifting SSIS packages to cloud– and its customization with our own/3rd party extensions,
  • The execution of SSIS packages as first-class activities in ADF pipelines and their combination with other ADF activities to create modern ETL/ELT workflows all through the new code-free experience.


Be an integration superhero with Azure and build API-enabled and connected enterprises

Vladimir Vinogradsky, Dan Rosanova, Jon Fancey, Build 2018 – This video will teach you how to put together a sophisticated integration solution in no time using the power of Azure. Learn how Azure integration services increase productivity and connectivity, working together to deliver incredible power. Logic Apps, API Management, Event Grid, and Service Bus are the foundation of our event-driven, API-centric orchestration capabilities in Azure getting you to 'done' faster. This session is a great way to get started with integrating systems using Azure. 

Extend your BizTalk Server integration platform to the cloud

Jon Fancey, Ignite 2018 – Microsoft BizTalk Server 2016 is just around the corner and with the recently released connector and adapter in preview for BizTalk Server 2016, its never been easier to connect on-premises integration assets to the cloud. Hear how to build a great hybrid integration environment leveraging these new features with BizTalk and Logic Apps together to leverage the power of the cloud from anywhere. You also learn about other new capabilities in BizTalk Server 2016 including high availability hosting in Microsoft Azure using SQL AlwaysOn Availability Groups making production Azure BizTalk Server usage a reality.


BizTalk Unit & Isolated Integration Testing with BTDF & SpecFlow Description

Bill Chesnut, Integration Down Under – Bill will discuss how to implement Unit and Isolated Integration Testing for your BizTalk solutions, using features of BTDF and SpecFlow, including a Testing Framework solution that he will soon be releasing as an Open Source project.


Azure DevOps and CI/CD

Donovon Brown and Jamie Cool, YouTube Microsoft Visual Studio Channel – During this presentation you'll learn all about our announcement from hosts Jamie Cool, Donovan Brown and guests who will cover what's new in Azure DevOps, Azure Pipelines, our GitHub CI integration and much more.

Use Azure Enterprise Integration Services to run cloud apps at scale

John Fancey, YouTube Microsoft Visual Studio Channel – Today's mission-critical enterprise apps depend on the systems they connect to. In this session, we'll explore how Azure Enterprise Integration Services can be used to connect to SaaS and enterprise applications, support complex business processes, and support message handling at enterprise scale.

I hope you enjoy these videos (and learn a bit too)! If you've seen a great video in 2018 that's not on this list, I want to hear about it! Ping me at the contacts above and let me know.

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