Top 10 Azure blog posts in 2018

January 25, 2022

It seems that Azure is top-of-mind for everyone these days – from developers all the way up to IT leaders. It's a well-known and much-discussed subject, and most integration pros have their own opinion about "the cloud".

The best Azure blogs (so far) in 2018

When searching for the best of the best Azure blog posts published in 2018, I tried to take this year's hot topics into account – namely security in Azure and GDPR compliancy, as well as continuous delivery (which is a great feature in Azure). I also remembered some absolute must-read posts that made the list too.

So, without further adieu, here's our list of the top 10 Azure blog posts in 2018:

End-to-end correlation across Logic Apps by Toon van Houtte

Toon van Houtte has written the most interesting Azure blog I've read this year about end-to-end correlation across Logic Apps. This blog interested me because we've been discussing this piece of missing functionality in the series of interviews on integration monitoring. My team was very enthusiastic when reading this blogpost! Read the full post

The 3 ways Azure improves your security by Arpan Shah

Microsoft’s Azure Blog has a nice 4-part series about the 3 ways Azure improves your security, written by Arpan Shah (General Manager, Microsoft Azure). Security is always an issue for managers when talking about cloud transition, scared about risks and the big unknown. Arpan teaches us how Azure improves security and ensures us Azure is save to use. Read the full post

Getting started with Logic Apps monitoring using AIMS by Ahmed Taha

The AIMS blog has a post written by #aimsperformancepro Ahmed Taha that helps us understand how monitoring Logic Apps is made easy with basic AIMS functionality. Not only security, but also monitoring is an issue that lives among Azure developers, especially those who are managing a hybrid environment and in need of monitoring the entire integration end-to-end. Read the full post

How does Azure encrypt data? by Dwayne Monroe

Cloudacademy shares an educational article about Encryption of data in Azure, written by Dwayne Monroe. This article is written to enlighten us about security of data in Azure, at rest or in-flight, and Azure keyvault. It also contains some very interesting links to other articles about Azure Security. Read the full post

Using Azure Serverless to Become GDPR Compliant by Tom Kerkhove

GDPR is a big issue for a lot of our customers, all over the world. With new laws forcing us to comply, we need to take a new look at security levels and the availability of data in our integrations. This blog post from Codit educates the reader on how to use Azure Serverless to become GDPR compliant. Read the full post

Getting Started with Machine Learning Using Microsoft Azure ML Studio by Wei-Meng Lee

Codemag has published a very extensive article about getting Started with Machine Learning Using Microsoft Azure ML Studio. I really loved this article, written by Wei-Meng Lee, which shares everything one needs to know about how machine learning works and how it can help companies predict the future! It is easy and fun to read and seeing how to apply this in a simple manner made me very enthusiastic about starting my own azure machine learning project at my current customer. Read the full post

Accelerating Business Opportunities with Power Apps and Integration by Michael Stephenson

Michael Stephenson’s blog contains a new blogpost called “Accelerating Business Opportunities with Power Apps and Integration”. It describes the challenges of moving an on prem architecture towards the cloud, and how to use PowerApps in your integrations. Read the full post

Microsoft Azure Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) – Logic Apps and the Azure Integration Services by Paco de la Cruz

Mexia’s blog site has a great article by Paco de la Cruz, about Microsoft Azure Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). This blogpost shares everything we need to know about integration platform as a service; What it is and how to use it. It's an amazing piece for anyone new to integration in Azure or new to iPaaS. Read the full post

Azure Stack Network Security Consideration by James Rooke

Azure field notes, a site by a group of technology professionals with deep experience in Microsoft Azure, Azure Stack, System Center and cloud in general (including other public and private clouds) has published a very interesting blog about Azure stack network security considerations. Although Azure stack has had a bit of a slow start, people are getting more exited about using it as a new way to a hybrid scenario. Read the full post

Setting up Continuous Delivery workflow from the Azure Portal by Ed Kaim, Srivatsa Marichi, Hasom Kamel and Brian Spann

ALMVM, a lab site by Ed Kaim, Srivatsa Marichi, Hasom Kamel and Brian Spann has a great lab / post that walks us through the steps needed to set up continuous delivery in Azure. Read the full post

I hope you enjoy these great posts from Azure experts! If you've read an awesome Azure-related post this year and think it should be included on this list, let me know at the contacts above.

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BizTalk and Azure integration consultant, technical writer and #aimsperformancepro.

Eva De Jong

BizTalk and Azure integration consultant, technical writer and #aimsperformancepro.

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