The top-10 BizTalk blogs in 2018


It seems a good BizTalk-focused blog is hard to find these days. While most bloggers are focusing on hybrid integration, including Logic Apps and BizTalk, there are still a core group of enthusiasts (myself included) out there producing excellent, in-depth content focused on BizTalk Server.

I've scoured the Internet and compiled a list of what I think are some of the best BizTalk blogs out there in 2018. Dig in to the blogs below and expand your BizTalk knowledge!

Sandro Pereira Blog

This blog shares the experiences of Sandro Pereira, one of the top technical integration consultants working with BizTalk. There are a lot of articles about common problems you will encounter while working with BizTalk, as well as some tips and tricks about working with the product. It also offers a download of Sandro’s BizTalk Mapping Patterns and Best Practices.

BizTalk Gurus

BizTalk Gurus contains two blogs, Stephen’s BizTalk and Integration Blog and BizTalk Community blogs, that has been around since February 2004 and has always focused on BizTalk. Stephen Thomas created an amazing blog where you will find more then 11000 articles about working with BizTalk, Microsoft events, Migrating BizTalk to Azure etcetera. The blog also offers some helpful downloadable tools and code, videos, training and more.

Gautam's BizTalk Blog (Hooking Stuffs Together)

A blog by Gautam Gyanendra about BizTalk and cloud transition, enriched with some interesting videos and podcasts. There is a lot of information available about Azure (Architecture), and Gautam also offers a great list with advice of BizTalk Experts to newcomers to integration with BizTalk.

BizTalk Bill (Bill Chesnut's Blog)

When searching for “BizTalk” on Bill's blog, you’ll get 12 pages of results! Bill is a very experienced BizTalk professional and provides its reader with great insights in the wonders of integrating with BizTalk. There are also some articles about Azure and migrating to iPaaS as well as a list of interesting downloads.

Mexia Blog

Mexia’s integration blog on BizTalk has some very interesting articles about working with BizTalk whilst planning for the future. Developers from Mexia (Australia) like Dan Toomey have written about their experiences and how they are migrating existing BizTalk environments to iPaaS, MVP posts, continues integration and other highly present-day topics that are very interesting to learn more about. The blog also covers Microsoft and Integration events.

Trying to be Different (Mikael Sand's Blog) states trying to be different / not another integration blog. In this Mikael Sand succeeds, and although you will have to scroll back a bit to get to the BizTalk articles, there are some unique topics there that are great to read through!

Codit Blog

Codit’s blog is a blog conducted by developers from Codit (Belgium). It contains some technical articles about how to work with BizTalk and solve problems along the way. It is really valuable as the articles are written by experienced BizTalk developers, architects and technical consultants.


(Shameless self-promotion alert!) nomeREva is a website full of diverse blogs by two BizTalk enthusiasts, Eva de Jong (me) and Rémon ter Haar. It is fairly new, started this year, but has already published a lot of articles about integration with BizTalk and Logic Apps, monitoring integration environments, post on events like the Dutch Microsoft Integration User Group and conducted a live update of presentations held at the Integrate 2018 event.

MSDN BizTalk Team Blog

This is a technical blog straight from the Microsoft product group. It offers insights into their perspective. The blog shares Cumulative Update and Feature Pack information, Partner Posts, posts about Microsoft events and more.

To Integration and Beyond

This excellent blog by Ahmed Taha – Technical Architect at Link Development, avid integration enthusiast and #aimsperformancepro – includes exciting topics on Architecture and Enterprise Application Integration using the Microsoft stack. Ahmed regularly blogs with in-depth articles and tips on BizTalk Server, Logic Apps, and Azure Services. 

BizTalk Administrator Blog

A great blog about BizTalk by Tord Glad Nordahl, a former Microsoft Program manager working with BizTalk and Logic Apps. This is a complete full-blown BizTalk only blog touching on a lot of must-read articles for BizTalk administrations.

Check out these great blogs and level up your BizTalk knowledge! Do you read an awesome BizTalk blog that you think should be on this list? Reach out to me on Twitter at @EefjuhdeJong and let me know!

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