OBOS confidently rolls out new Microsoft integrations with AIMS insights and expert support

December 5, 2018

When OBOS – the largest cooperative building association in the Nordics – needed a solution to gain insight and control during rollout of their new Microsoft integration environment, they turned to AIMS.

Building critical business processes on new BizTalk environment

OBOS (Oslo Housing and Savings Society) was founded in 1929 with the aim to improve housing conditions in Oslo and to ensure the continuous production of housing. OBOS soon established itself as the primary driving force for housing development in Oslo.

Managing over 219,000 housing units and over 450,000 members across Norway demanded a robust and reliable integration environment to handle message flow between many critical business applications including IBM System i and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. In 2017, the OBOS IT Team initiated a project to migrate their core integrations to Microsoft BizTalk Server, and shortly realized their need for a monitoring solution.

“We needed a solution to ensure that we were in full control of our integrations, especially during the early days of our move to BizTalk,” comments Jørn Strømberg, Head of IT Development at OBOS. “As we were new to BizTalk, we needed a solution that could go deep and give us insights and performance data as we deployed new applications to the platform.”

AI-powered monitoring and analytics to order

The OBOS Team began discussion with AIMS in late 2017, and after evaluating other solutions, quickly discovered that the AIMS platform was ideally suited to their requirements. Working closely with the AIMS onboarding team, OBOS was able to get up and running quickly with AIMS – not only on their BizTalk instances but also on their SQL servers. The installation process was straightforward, and AIMS automatically mapped their integration environment, using artificial intelligence to learn normal behavior for thousands of components – taking into account seasonal variations – with no manual configuration required by the OBOS team.

After only two weeks, OBOS had already gained new insights into their BizTalk and SQL integrations, which they used to guide further rollout of new applications.

“The AIMS onboarding team helped us identify the critical business processes supported by our integration environment, and together we built dashboards to help us monitor performance in real-time,” added Jørn Strømberg. “We were also able to build multiple custom reports that give various stakeholders the information they need.”

Insight, control and expert personal support

With AIMS up and running, OBOS now enjoys deep insight and a better understanding of their BizTalk and SQL integrations and full control over system performance. The OBOS team now receives alerts if behavior deviates from normal patterns and can take action before issues have a broader impact.

“We had an issue that we spent more than two hours troubleshooting, and brought it up during a meeting with the AIMS team,” said Jørn Strømberg. “Using the AIMS platform, it took them only a few minutes to identify the root cause and we were able to make the fix.”

AIMS also provides ongoing support to OBOS, not only helping them to get the most out of the AIMS platform, but also sharing best practices for how they can optimize their BizTalk and SQL production environment.

“The Microsoft integration expertise we get from AIMS is a bonus,” adds Jørn Strømberg. “The combination of powerful tools with training, regular follow-up and hands-on support we get from AIMS makes us feel very confident moving forward with our BizTalk rollout.”

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Kristina is AIMS' Chief Commercial Officer and is a SaaS sales and marketing expert. She's also climbing the ranks in the Norwegian amateur boxing circuit.

Kristina Mordal

Kristina is AIMS' Chief Commercial Officer and is a SaaS sales and marketing expert. She's also climbing the ranks in the Norwegian amateur boxing circuit.

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