Nostradamus - predicting the future

Nostradamus, the man and famous prophet that has become known for predicting the future, referring to a number of significant worldwide events. Was he really able to predict the future or is the legacy of Nostradamus basically a result of people applying wishful thinking and creative analytics onto his writings?

We will never know how Nostradamus made the predictions he did and they manner in which he ended up with his conclusions. In today's world we have learned that life consists of a series of events in a given timeline and that by applying advanced mathematics, machine learning, artificial intelligence (we can go on), we can make some very interesting and accurate predictions. 

At AIMS we have not taken a stand in the case of Nostradamus, but one thing is for sure, we share his passion for predicting the future. 

Applying advanced algorithms to performance data, infrastructure, integrations and application data is where we have found our calling.

Why you might ask? 

Well, the world of 1 and 0 is becoming more complex than ever and the human mind is not capable of handling the data, let alone making sense of the patterns and structures that hide within. 

We assist companies all over the globe in making sense of their data and helping them predict the future of their business. 

How? It is all about the numbers. 
When we apply our secret sauce, we decipher the hidden constructs and patterns that customers have been struggling to see in all of their services and offerings. Most often, the customers only know they have a problem when their most critical customer facing application is down and revenue streams suffer. 

At AIMS we don't believe in analyzing and reporting on whether a solution is inaccessible or out of service. Instead we believe in predicting the future by using AI to help companies proactively understand when their services are showing signs of shutting down/not performing. By applying our knowledge and tools, we allow these companies to rectify and solve their issues, before a system is affected and revenue is lost. 

Is it magic? 
Not in our books, it is merely us applying our secret sauce of Artificial intelligence, helping companies offer services and goods to the public. 

Are we as well known as Nostradamus? No. However can our predictions be validated and helpful? Absolutely, and the only way your company is going to find out is by trying us out. We predict you will.

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