Best BizTalk blog posts from summer 2018

February 14, 2022

Everything is changing so quickly in the IT world, and if you're like me you find it almost impossible to stay up to date. Summer can be a great time to catch up – with bloggers getting a bit more time to produce great content and us BizTalk enthusiasts getting (slightly) more free time to consume it.

I spent some time this summer reading through some of my favourite BizTalk-related blogs, and came up with this list of the six best posts from the past few months. Enjoy!

"July 10, 2018 Microsoft Security Updates cause errors on the BizTalk Administration Console: An internal failure occurred for unknown reasons (WinMgmt)" by Sandro Pereira

On Sandro Pereira’s blog you'll find a great article about troubles caused by Microsoft Security Updates causing the BizTalk Administration Console to fail: An internal failure occurred for unknown reasons (WinMgmt). Sandro shares his experience with these security updates in July 2018 which caused BizTalk admin console to break, and disables you to access the BizTalk Server “Platform Settings”, getting the following error:


He presents a workaround, which is to uninstall all critical Security Updates:


Because a lot of companies suffered by the consequences of these updates (my customer included, who has automatic updates enabled on all servers) it is important to have these kind of blogposts available to the community, so we can quickly fix the problems at hand and ensure they were not installed on other BizTalk servers in the integration environment. Read the full article here.

"A Pace-Layered Integration Architecture" by Dan Toomey

On the Mexia website is a very educational and interesting piece written by Dan Toomey. The blog describes how the cost of integration increases along with the number of applications, and how to some applications are created in a separate time span. Applications change overtime, some are updated, others modified or expended. 


Toomey writes about Gartner’s Pace-Layered model and how it consists of three layers; System of records, System of differentiation and System of innovation, explaining it in great depth.

After this he continues his article by explaining how integration with a Pace-Layered architecture works.

Microsoft helps using pace layered integration by offering a lot of products and feautures, both on prem and in the cloud.


We can see BizTalk Server is well represented in Systems of Record, the System of Differentation and the Message Bus!

The blogpost finishes with some interesting Tips & Tricks on how to maintain adaptive integration within a Layer-Paced enterprise architecture. Read the full post here.

"Ups the downs of Azure monitoring (and a fuzzy BizTalk bear)" with Mikael Sand

This interview with Integration greyback, speaker and Azure CTO at Enfo Mikael Sand covers the topics every IT manager, integration specialist, BizTalk and Azure developer is facing. Mikael draws from his many years of experience in IT to share examples of incidents causing downtime, the current development towards the cloud, and more interesting questions only an expert can answer.

This interview will be followed up by a series of interviews with – among others – Sandro Pereira and Dan Toomey and will provide insight into how professionals see the future of BizTalk, integration and monitoring this. Read the full post here.

"Migrating BizTalk to Azure iPaaS" by Bill Chesnut

Bill Chesnut is going to publish a series of articles about Migrating BizTalk to Azure IPaaS, of which this is the first installment. This is a highly important and interesting topic nowadays, and this first article describes why companies are looking to the cloud for answers: BizTalk specialists are scarce, BizTalk is an expensive product and so are the consultants working with it, location of data / data being in the cloud makes more sense, and not having to maintain their own infrastructure.

There are some ground rules set to determine if the migration makes sense:

  • Location of your data
  • Sensitivity of your data
  • Security Policies for accessing cloud-based resources
  • Location of consumers/partners

These are explained in greater detail throughout the article. A must-read for every integration specialist! Bill includes links to Microsoft documentation on the important Azure features he mentions. I can’t wait till part 2 is published. Read the full article here.

"The Future of BizTalk Server" by Eva De Jong

The future of BizTalk Server has been a much-discussed topic among integration pros. After following the ongoing discussion on Twitter, nomeREva has done some research and has published an article about the subject.

The world of integration is confused after Microsoft’s silence at the Integrate 2018 event in London. Although stated earlier (last year) that there was going to be another version of BizTalk server, Microsoft stated “it is to early to say anything about it”.


The author (me!) has spoken to some of world’s best integration specialists on the subject and shares her and their opinion in this article about the future of integrating with BizTalk. Read the full article here.

"Our Integration Product Roadmap" by Jon Fancey

Following the article above, on the 9 August 2018 the Microsoft integration team enlightened us with their Integration Roadmap. This article by Jon Fancey, Azure Integration Services PM Lead finally shares with us the plans for BizTalk server vNext! That’s right, they are working on it as we speak, and it will be released within roughly 9 months of the general availability of Windows Server 2019. Although Microsoft wants to focus on Azure integration, they have noticed not all BizTalk customers are ready to take this step into the cloud just yet. These companies will get more (BizTalk) years to prepare their cloud transition. Good news for us BizTalk enthusiasts! Read the full article here.

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best BizTalk blogs from this summer! I'll be back later this year with more of the best of BizTalk, so watch this space.

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BizTalk and Azure integration consultant, technical writer and #aimsperformancepro.

Eva De Jong

BizTalk and Azure integration consultant, technical writer and #aimsperformancepro.

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