A comparison of monitoring tools for Microsoft hybrid integrations

March 2, 2022

In this second in a series of three blog post on the people, the process and the tools you need to successfully manage hybrid integration environments, we're looking at the tools – including a comparison of the key tools available today for BizTalk and Azure monitoring.

Uncovering problems, and solving them quickly

Tools are essential to be productive in finding the cause of issues in a BizTalk, Azure or hybrid environment, and quickly solving them. Without the use of any tool, it can be laborious and time-consuming to find the cause of an issue and resolve it effectively. Fortunately, tools available to help the BizTalk or Azure administrator, database administrator, and infrastructure specialist are widespread. Microsoft offers a variety of tools ranging from netmon to BizTalk Health monitor. However, while these tools are useful for the primary analysis of an issue, they often lack capabilities for notifications, reporting, or web accessibility.   



Thankfully there are some alternatives available:


AIMS is an Application Performance Monitoring solution for integration monitoring and analytics – on-premise, hybrid or cloud. AIMS supports several integration technologies, such as Azure, Logic Apps, BizTalk, ServiceBus, SQL, IIS and Windows Server. AIMS is often an ideal fit for support teams dealing with on-premise and hybrid environments.

AIMS provides performance and health monitoring and analytics with their solutions. Key differentiators for AIMS are the scope of data it gathers, and a foundation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) used to analyze that data. With algorithms, anomalies in an environment can be detected and aid in the quick diagnosis of potential risk to the health of the environment.


AIMS also includes capabilities that automate critical IT tasks, improve efficiency and ease communication and collaboration between the various roles described in the sections above:


AIMS provides topological mapping of integration environments.  These maps are dynamic – they automatically generate and update in real-time to reflect any changes made to an environment – and provide oversight over both on-prem and cloud components in a single view.  AIMS users can click on a component in the map to drill down into detailed analytics, performance and health data on that specific component.


AIMS provides deep, real-time integration analytics, all the way down to tracing individual transactions. These analytics automate tasks such as creating integration health reports, identifying the root of performance issues, verifying SLA requirements, planning for scaling and more.  AIMS can also be used to create custom reports for any environment, system, component, parameter or transaction with complete freedom to combine information from any level. AIMS provides visual dashboards using ready-made components that can be customized to communicate critical data to both technical and non-technical stakeholder groups.

BizTalk 360 and ServiceBus360

BizTalk360 provides BizTalk administration and some monitoring capabilities. The product also addresses some of the issues one may have with the BizTalk Administration Console. The BizTalk management tool console is more focused towards administrative tasks than monitoring your BizTalk group. BizTalk360 can be fit for BizTalk administrators to support their day-to-day operations and aid in setting up some static monitoring rules.

The company behind BizTalk360 also offers a service in Azure for managing the Service Bus and composite integration solutions.  The product offers some similar capabilities found in BizTalk 360 and the Service Bus Explorer.


Microsoft System Center Operation Manager (SCOM) is not BizTalk-specific tool, yet more an enterprise on-premise monitoring solution that allows you to monitor Microsoft and Non-Microsoft assets. With ‘so-called’ management packs enterprise can monitor some critical part of BizTalk like receive- and send ports, host instances, and orchestrations. Furthermore, the BizTalk management pack includes performance views, diagnostic capability, and alerts.

Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) is Microsoft’s Azure Cloud service, which allows you to monitor Azure Services including Logic Apps. With setting up an OMS workspace, you can add various prebuilt management solutions and start monitoring your Azure services. Furthermore, OMS offers analytics features, diagnostics, and customizable dashboards.

Complete guide to hybrid integration performance monitoring

Now that you know your hybrid performance monitoring tooling options, why not get the full picture. Download our Guide to Hybrid Integration Performance Monitoring today and get expert tips on the people, process and tools you need for success.

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Ricardo is a Microsoft integration expert, including BizTalk and Azure. He is a former BizTalk Premier Field Engineer, and is AIMS Head of Customer Success and Technical Evangelist.

Ricardo Torre

Ricardo is a Microsoft integration expert, including BizTalk and Azure. He is a former BizTalk Premier Field Engineer, and is AIMS Head of Customer Success and Technical Evangelist.

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