IT operations monitoring

IT operations monitoring tools will help you better understand and control all your IT data and information. AIMS automated monitoring solution is powered by AI, which gives you even greater benefits.

In an increasingly complex environment, the number of data sources and connections that IT operations monitoring is rapidly expanding. So how can you ensure that you not only know exactly what’s going on in your IT environment, but what to do with the hundreds or thousands of metrics that are fed into your monitoring system? AIMS Innovation is your answer.

The rapid growth of data volumes and pace of new events mean that human insight and action is simply too slow. When an organization, particularly at enterprise level, relies solely on a traditional system to monitor its IT operations, mistakes get made, vital information gets overlooked, and change happens far quicker than can be kept up with.

This is why Gartner predicts the future of IT operations will depend on AIOps.

Get early notifications with automated anomaly detection of the issues that can bring down your business. Understand which other systems could be impacted with automated service dependency discovery.

What exactly is AIOps?


AIOps, which is a term you will see a lot of in this article and generally regarding IT monitoring, is short for Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations. It’s a quite new term that was coined by Gartner in 2017.

The core elements of AIOps consists of machine learning, anomaly detection, predictive insights, performance baselining and automated root cause analysis.

How does AIOps relate to Application Performance Monitoring?

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is, as the name suggests, about monitoring the performance of your application. It is a part of AIOps, but it is less broad. AIOps, on the other hand, incorporates APM, infrastructure management, proactive monitoring and the cloud. It gathers and analyzes data from multiple sources at the same time, and is in this sense a much broader monitoring strategy.

AIOps Platforms

There are a broad range of AIOps platforms on the market today, which helps you put AIOps to use in your business. The platform's goal is to equip professionals within IT and operations with the data that is needed to keep their applications running, make decisions faster, discover and resolve potential issues and get more insights.

The right AIOps platform will spare you a lot of time and resources on monitoring strategy and operations management.

Infrastructure monitoring tools

An infrastructure monitoring tool will assist you in collecting performance and health data from your servers, databases and other backend components. It will help you uncover errors and visibility gaps, traffic patterns and give you information about your business’ IT infrastructure.

Why AIOps is the future of IT operations monitoring


Manually handling the inevitable wealth of data in IT operations monitoring isn’t just time-consuming; it’s borderline impossible. It’s becoming increasingly vital for IT and DevOps teams to have an AI tool incorporated into their performance monitoring that reduces troubleshooting, improves governance, and frees up valuable time from scarce IT resources. Moreover, the chosen solution needs to deliver value not in months or years, but days or weeks.

Detecting anomalies and carrying out root cause analyses have been the bread and butter of many DevOp teams and still are. Yet the success of an organization depends on its team being able to focus their efforts on a select few metrics out of thousands in today’s environment. An AIOps platform that filters, categorizes and alerts a team to anomalous behaviour that need their attention, ensures that time is spent on the most vital issues.

Approximately 30 % of business leaders are expected to lean on AIOps platforms by 2024, giving them the advantage of automated insights to drive business-related decisions. Those who don’t will miss out on saving costs, freeing up time for the IT team, and ensuring their place in competitive markets.

How AIMS Innovation leads the way with two vital capabilities


AI and Machine Learning tend to get casually thrown around in conversation these days, but that’s not what’s going on here. At AIMS Innovation, we didn’t earn our high satisfaction rate amongst AIOp vendors by latching onto buzzwords; we did it by putting AI and ML at the core of what we do from the very beginning. Since then, every decision, experiment and update we’ve put out there has been with the aim to automate monitoring, eliminate redundant tools, streamline troubleshooting and generate vital insights.

We want our customers to have total confidence in their IT operations, that is why we’re creating solutions that give our customers both control and the answer to current (and future!) IT monitoring challenges.

To that end, AIMS Innovation has two vital capabilities: Automated Anomaly Detection and Automated Service Dependency Discovery.

Automated Anomaly Detection

AIMS automated anomaly detection

Automated Anomaly Detection helps you proactively monitor of your IT operations. With our Automated Anomaly Detection, you get early notifications of anomalous behavior in your systems. This will lower response time and enable you to fix the problem before it damages your business.

Many enterprises struggle with expansion because their IT environments grow faster than they can monitor and manage. This opens up for anomalies and issues. Proactive monitoring is one of the most efficient monitoring strategies for businesses that want to grow without expanding their IT operations team. Setting up AIMS requires almost no effort from your team. 

Advanced monitoring is a critical component of any ITOps monitoring, and with AIMS, it becomes much more effective. Our platform makes monitoring data, applications and connected digital services much easier for IT operations teams in any organization or company with huge IT infrastructures.

Automated Service Dependency Discovery


system correlations blue

We’ve talked about how we approach monitoring in the first place, now let’s talk about smart scaling. Our Automated Service Dependency Discovery ensures that your team’s focus is in the right place by automatically drawing dependencies and relationships between your IT assets to the surface.

Enterprise IT is growing increasingly complex, leaving IT and DevOp teams struggling to have the right tools, skills and resources to keep up. The capability to see updated connections between a vast array of data centers and cloud assets in your organization is crucial, but near impossible to do manually. But what if the dependencies and relationships could be surfaced and kept up-to-date without a massive project and ongoing maintenance?

That is what AIMS is solving with Automated Service Dependency Discovery. You don’t need to set up anything manually, nor do you need to instrument anything. AIMS Service Dependency Discovery is completely automated by taking all the data coming from an agent and based on that, you can access the visualization of any correlations and dependencies on a specific node or system, or application. Rather than using a whole team of people on a big project, it’s possible even just one person can almost immediately gain vital insight into dependencies and correlations within your IT stack and its impact when anomalous behaviour occurs.

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