Digging into a hybrid integration scenario with BizTalk and Azure

March 2, 2022

With BizTalk Server 2016 – and the recently announced BizTalk vNext – you can support a hybrid integration environment and have on-premise systems communicate with Azure Services and (third party) SaaS solutions. Azure Services and many modern SaaS applications offer an API layer, through which you can easily connect your on-premise systems. BizTalk Server 2016 provides the connectivity for you, and it brings all the other capabilities you are familiar with like mapping.


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A hybrid integration scenario in practice

To illustrate what hybrid integration means let’s use the following scenario, where we leverage BizTalk Server, On-premise Data Gateway, Logic Apps, and the Service Bus. Within the fictional company Contoso Inc, a high available BizTalk 2016 Group is running, the on-premise data gateway has been installed on both machines, and they have a subscription in Azure with various instances of Logic Apps, and Service Bus namespaces. The Logic Apps can act as a gateway into multiple other Azure Services or SaaS solutions through their connectors.



The Logic App adapter and Service Bus adapter provide connectivity with Azure. Moreover, through leverages the Logic App connectors Contoso Inc can tap into social media, SQL Azure instance, Cosmos DB collection, Cognitive Services, and connect with SalesForce. The Service Bus Adapter provides connectivity with service bus queues or topics and subscriptions. In the scenario visualised in the diagram, Contoso Inc. can push workloads to Azure for analysis (Cognitive Services), receive order messages from an online Webstore hosted in Azure (App Services), and push content to the database for online websites. BizTalk Server communicates with SAP and routes the order messages from the web store and invoices back to the web store via BizTalk. BizTalk 2016 is the on-premise message broker and connected with the Azure Cloud.

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Ricardo is a Microsoft integration expert, including BizTalk and Azure. He is a former BizTalk Premier Field Engineer, and is AIMS Head of Customer Success and Technical Evangelist.

Ricardo Torre

Ricardo is a Microsoft integration expert, including BizTalk and Azure. He is a former BizTalk Premier Field Engineer, and is AIMS Head of Customer Success and Technical Evangelist.

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