How to register a new system with the API

February 14, 2020

In the previous articles we created an agent definition and then registered it in AIMS. We will again use a REST client to show how this is done.The API to use here is

"agentId": "",
"majorVersion": 1,
"minorVersion": 0,
"name": "API AIMS"

Authorization can be set to "basic" and use your AIMS login credentials. Here, agentId is the same id you used when registering your agent. There are two more fields in the request: majorVersion and minorVersion. They hold the version number of your agent. If you registered a new agent without specifying anything version-related, you can leave them at 1 and 0, respectively, which are their default values when you register an agent. You still have to specify them explicitly in the request. In response to your request you will get an object describing your newly created system, which looks similar to what you have sent, but has an additional id field that identifies your new system.

You can then visit the Topology section in AIMS and see that your system is registered

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