Global ecommerce performance with proactive alerts powered by AI

September 17 2018

A leading global provider of electrical and digital building infrastructure chose AIMS their sole real-time monitoring and analytics solution for BizTalk. Now, they have the control, seamless performance and availability required to deliver excellent customer experience to global markets.

 Enabling multiple business units across 180 countries with IT

Through its B2B e-commerce store and vast network of local resellers, the company provides a range of several hundred thousand electrical and digital building infrastructure products divided into several major product categories – each under the responsibility of a dedicated Strategic Business Unit (SBU). Delivering excellent service to commercial, residential and industrial markets in over 180 countries worldwide through a global workforce of over 30,000 employees places heavy demands on the company’s complex, integrated IT systems. 

Customer experience leans on BizTalk performance

The company uses Microsoft BizTalk to integrate a vast number of applications across their 7 SBUs, each with its own ERP system, Salesforce CRM, Master Data Management (MDM) system, plus applications to support their e-commerce store, logistics and much more. BizTalk is used to pass changes made to customer records – such as webshop purchases – in the MDM to Salesforce and the ERP, and downstream to other systems, including logistics and order fulfilment, tracking of order shipments and many other functions. Any delayed or suspended messages mean orders don’t get shipped – with an immediate impact on customer satisfaction.

The company's IT team needed a solution to ensure they had control over this complex, integrated system, enabling them to maintain the seamless performance and availability required to deliver excellent customer experience to global markets. 

Predictive anomaly detection driven by machine learning

The company selected AIMS as their sole real-time monitoring and analytics solution for BizTalk. With zero on-premise installation required, AIMS applied artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate a deep, dynamic 360° map of the company’s BizTalk environment. Within days, the company's IT team was receiving proactive alerts and taking preventative action to stop downtime events and system slowdowns before they had wider impact.

With AIMS, the company gets:

  • Predictive anomaly alerts driven by AI and machine learning
  • Deep, granular tracing of every single transaction within their BizTalk environment
  • End-to-end insights into their BizTalk environment with no blind spots
  • Real-time insights and performance management


Confidence through early alerts

With AIMS, the company's IT Team has complete control over their BizTalk integrations. Getting proactive anomaly alerts from AIMS via email has been one of the most valuable benefits for the team, allowing them to save time, detect issues early and take action:

“Whenever anything in our BizTalk environment is going wrong, we get email alerts from AIMS right away. We can then check what’s happening and why, in real-time, then jump right into an issue and fix it before it has a broader impact.”
– IT Manager

And with instant alerting from AIMS, the IT team can be confident that their BizTalk integration is working as normal, eliminating manual monitoring and troubleshooting and freeing them to spend more time on building value:

“Now we don’t have to worry about a server at all. We all have peace of mind knowing that the only time something is ever wrong is when an alert from AIMS pops up.”
– IT Manager

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