De Goudse Verzekeringen chooses AIMS for proactive monitoring

January 20, 2022

When leading Dutch insurance and financial services provider De Goudse Verzekeringen required intelligent, proactive monitoring and deep insight into their complex IT systems, they chose AIMS. Read on to find out what De Goudse Verzekeringen’s DevOps Team Manager Koos Broodbakker has to say about why they chose AIMS, their expectations and their experiences so far.

Before you looked at a monitoring solution, De Goudse Verzekeringen did not use any tooling. What were your greatest challenges?

Not having any monitoring system in place for integration or IT system, leaves a company with a big black box, in which almost anything can go wrong without any visible or traceable cause. For De Goudse Verzekeringen, this led to some very difficult situations: in case of an error we didn't know where to start, what to look for, and how to fix the mysterious things that were going wrong.

First of all, we needed a tool that can predict future hazards, enabling us to prevent them. Besides that, we were also looking for a good overview of all our critical business processes; a tool that offers performance benchmarks and amazing reporting functionality that enables us to get more insights.

You have looked at different monitoring solutions. Why did you choose AIMS?

We have looked at monitoring tooling in the past. We compared BizTalk360, SCOM and AIMS to see how those tools could help us monitor our integrations. Because we are moving towards the cloud more and more, AIMS soon became first on our list. It wasn’t until September 2018 that we finally signed off the contract.

AIMS partner Motion10 advised us to a great extent during the selection. They helped us setting up a proof-of-concept (POC) and provided a demo of AIMS functionality, after we had run the POC for a couple of weeks.

We were amazed by the simplicity of setting up informative dashboards, that provide us with all information needed to keep everyone involved. The predictive nature of the tool, along with AI driven anomaly detection, was also a great advantage.

How do you expect AIMS to help De Goudse Verzekeringen to overcome their challenges?

Because we didn't have any monitoring solution in place, we are given a whole lot more insights (Business Intelligence), that we did not have before. We will now be able to monitor our message flow, track data and predict anomalies, based on AIMS’ machine learning mechanism. I expect to be more in control and enabled to respond proactively to any trouble coming our way.

What were the AIMS features that triggered your interest?

The expected load, zero impact and the thousands of performance counters. It is very useful, that we did not need to do anything to find anomalies, no static thresholds are needed (although possible) and the machine learning algorithms do their magic in learning the normal behavior of our integration environment. The overall ease of configuration within the application, as shown to us during the demo, gave us the confidence of being able to set up reports and dashboards in just a few minutes.

How was your experience on the installation process?

Installation of the AIMS agents was no trouble at all. We just downloaded the agents and went through the configuration wizard. Eva de Jong from Motion10 was on site at our datacenter to do the installation, it took her about 5 to 10 minutes per agent / server.

From that moment, data started flowing to AIMS and machine learning algorithms kicked in.

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BizTalk and Azure integration consultant, technical writer and #aimsperformancepro.

Eva De Jong

BizTalk and Azure integration consultant, technical writer and #aimsperformancepro.

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