BRINKS gets proactive anomaly detection and real-time business intelligence

April 4 2018

Brinks is a global operator within security, cash-in-transit and cash management, with clients ranging from retail, to the luxury jewelry industry, to the mining industry and pharmaceuticals.

In France, Brinks made a strategic choice of BizTalk as their integration platform, partly due to their then CIO Vincent Lauriat’s knowledge from his time working at Microsoft. They implemented AIMS for BizTalk and went from testing to operations in two months.


Real-time business intelligence

“AIMS for BizTalk was easy to deploy and immediately provided us with valuable information, not only on our BizTalk, but the infrastructure and flow of our entire IT solution,” says IT Architect Simplice Yemelong. “Our platform is complex, with installations in several countries. Today, for example, our ATMs are administrated by an application localized in the US, while a lot of operations here in France happen through an external partner.”


AIMS enables us to tailor reports on both a technical and administrative level


Proactive alerting for faster troubleshooting and less downtime

“The ability to extract different types of information and customize alerts from AIMS, enable us to tailor our reports to provide value on both the technical and administrative level. We recently experienced a good example of how we are now able to be proactive. AIMS alerted us to a problem long before our operations partner was aware of it. Thus, we were able to contact them, even though we did not know exactly what the issue was, and tell them to start troubleshooting before our clients noticed anything”, says IT Manager El Ghaouty Youness.


AIMS alerted us to a problem long before our operations partner was aware of it … we told them to start troubleshooting before our clients noticed anything.


“In connection with our transition between two BizTalk versions, we have also experienced quick and relevant response from AIMS Support. The fact that they offer support for 2 platforms in a transition period of 2 months, ensured us a safe migration”, says Youness.


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