10 Must-Read Microsoft BizTalk Blogs

February 18 2013

Writing a blog is hard. You’ve got to stay on top of the trends in your field and update your posts regularly. This might be easy if you’re blogging about a good lunch spot or the best place to ski, but when you blog about something like BizTalk, opinion isn’t enough—you have to have data and experience. You have to know what you’re talking about.

Here we’ve rounded up some of the best blogs about BizTalk. These aren’t the final word, and they’re in no particular order, but they are definitely going to help you understand your BizTalk environment better.

  1. BizTalk Blogs is a curated blog that brings the voices from BizTalk experts all over the web together in one place. Posts are not moderated and some bloggers are more prolific than others, but this is a good place to find general information about BizTalk as well as the .NET framework. This is part of the Microsoft Server Developer Network.
  2. BizTalk 24/7 is a community site for Biztalk developers, architects and administrators. It’s more of a blog curation site than one that develops and delivers original content, but it’s a good resource for learning about the products and connecting with the community.
  3. BizTalk Admins Blogging strives to provide BizTalk admins with useful information, tips, example scripts and more. The blog is about a year old and anyone who has content that is relevant to BizTalk admins is welcome to contribute a post.  You’ll find topics like Best Practices and Common Mistakes, and some of the more prolific BizTalk bloggers out there have already posted here.
  4. BizTalkAdmin @tordeman is a Microsoft MVP who’s been working with BizTalk for more than 5 years. He spends a lot of time keeping up to date on BizTalk—health checking and monitoring performance in particular. Recent post topics include Windows 8 and SQL.
  5. Geeks with Blogs is another community of bloggers. Be careful that you don’t lose a day here just reading and learning what others are working on. You need to dig into this one a little to find the BizTalk bloggers who keep their sites current, but some of the ones we’ve found to be helpful are Andy James  (@AndrewJames57),  Andy Morrison (@AndyMorrison33 ), Bill Osuch and Charles Young.
  6. Stephen Thomas’s BizTalk Guru has focused on Windows Azure lately, but Thomas has more than 10 years of BizTalk experience, is an inexhaustible author, and gives practical and straightforward advice on his blog. You can follow him on twitter at @stephenwthomas.
  7. Sandro Pereira’s BizTalk Blog offers the wisdom of @sandro_asp, a Microsoft BizTalk MVP who has experience in nearly all the versions of BizTalk. He has been blogging since 2009 and you’ll find a lot of up-to-date information on topics such as Configuration, Errors and Warnings, and BizTalk Mapping.
  8. Nino Crudele’s Blog, a man and his technological thoughts, is a well-organized, topical and easy-to-read blog by @ninocrudele. Lately Nino has been focusing on Testing. A warning: Some of his posts are in Italian!
  9. Steef-Jan Wiggers’ blog, SOA Thoughts is by the man who literally wrote the book on BizTalk. BizTalk Server 2010 Cookbook, that is. While the blog itself is no frills, Steef-Jan is well connected to both the trends in BizTalk and the people who are working with it every day.
  10. BizTalk 360 Blog is by Saravana Kumar the CTO of BizTalk 360, and expert in the Microsoft BizTalk environment. The blog is easy to read and the navigation—especially the categories—makes it easy to find what you are looking for. The blog goes back to 2005, so there is a lot of information. Saravana also posts at BizTalk Blogs, or you can follow him on twitter at @biztalk360.

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the AIMS Innovation Blog.  In our blog, we offer more than just product descriptions. We, too, are developers and administrators who are steeped in BizTalk. In our blog, we try to give tips and ideas on how to monitor your BizTalk environment in an intelligent, non-obtrusive way so you can keep on top of your BizTalk performance.

So these are a good starting point. Tell us in the comments if we missed any blogs that are a must-read for BizTalk administrators, consultants, or developers.


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