AIMS - the AIOps tool with the highest customer satisfaction

AIMS breaks into the AIOps market disrupting the traditional players as 100% of users believe AIMS is headed in the right direction with the truly automated monitoring and AI at its core.

In its latest G2 Spring 2022 Grid® Report for AIOps Platforms, a peer-to-peer review site that collects and aggregates unbiased technology reviews, AIMS named a "high performer" and ranked the software #1 in several categories:

  • Likelihood to Recommend (97%)
  • Product Going in Right Direction (100%)
  • Ease of Doing Business With (100%)
  • Quality of Support (98%)
  • Ease of Setup (96%)
  • Ease of Use (96%)
  • Net Promoter Score (100%)

AIMS leads the AIOps market in several customer satisfaction metrics and is ahead of Splunk, Datadog, Dynatrace, New Relic, and other AIOps solutions.


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Before talking about the AIOps market, let’s briefly refresh what it actually is. "AIOps combines big data and machine learning to automate IT operations processes, including event correlation, anomaly detection, and causality determination," - Gartner. 

According to G2, AIOps vendors accelerate issue identification and resolution by increasing root cause analysis (RCA) accuracy and proactive identification, which reduces time to resolution and helps improve service level agreement (SLA) adherence. All DevOps and operation teams can take advantage of the benefits AIOps platforms offer.

In the Market Guide for AIOps Platforms, Gartner emphasizes that there is no future of IT operations that does not include AIOps. This is due to the rapid growth in data volumes and pace of change (exemplified by the rate of application delivery and event-driven business models) that cannot wait on humans to deliver insights. 

Not just "above the average", but a leader in overall customer satisfaction

AIMS is going above and beyond to help our customers achieve their goals.

  • AIMS has the highest likelihood among AIOps vendors of 97% to be recommended
  • 100% of AIMS customers believe the product is headed in the right direction
  • 100% of AIMS customers admit the ease of doing business with us
  • The quality support satisfaction rate is 98%
  • The ease of set up rate is 96%
  • The ease of use rate is 96%
  • The net promoter score is 100, compared to the AIOps' industry average of only 63

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What users say about AIMS

"Fast time-to-value for those interested in pure AIOps.
The setup of AIMS is very fast when connecting to cloud environments. The hand-off approach of algorithms working in the background (without having to tweaks models or bounds) is functioning quite well."

"An amazing tool for software monitoring and analytics.
Fast and pain-free setup, great dashboard and reporting capabilities, deep insight into the operational metrics of both software systems and infrastructure."

"Easy to install.
No need to install or maintain any other software along with AIMS."

"A very good machine learning (automatic) surveillance software.
How fast and easy it is to start using it and how little maintenance is required."

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How the data has been collected: The G2 Grid® represents the democratic voice of real software users, rather than the subjective opinion of one analyst.


Why does AIMS stand out in the AIOps market?

There are many monitoring tools on the market that jumped onto the AIOps vertical and are claiming to solve the modern monitoring problems. But in real life, IT monitoring remains broken as only a few vendors have AIOps at their core, and not just an add-on module with an algorithm on top of tens of traditional monitoring products and tactics.

AI and ML at AIMS’ core

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations, is a term coined by Gartner only in 2017, while AIMS started working on it already in 2011. AIMS didn’t jump on AI and Machine Learning when it became The Next Big Thing – AIMS had it as a starting point.

Truly automated

AIMS is a truly automated advanced monitoring platform with AL and ML at its core. AIMS requires close to zero maintenance, and, compared to other to AIOps tools, you can validate the value of AIMS for your organization in weeks or even days, not months or years.

AIMS uses Artificial Intelligence to provide coherent monitoring across any IT system and its heterogeneous data in contrast to other AIOps tools requiring the significant manual effort of configuration and ongoing maintenance. This relieves the IT and DevOps team from the time-consuming or even impossible task of manual performance monitoring, it reduces troubleshooting, improves governance, and frees up valuable time from scarce IT resources.

Your success is our success

As it mentioned earlier, there is no future of IT operations that does not include AIOps. AIMS strives to make AIOps not only affordable but profitable for your organization and ensure a solid return on investment for your AIOps initiative. With AIMS, you can run a proof-of-concept and get the value delivered in 30 days. This requires a few hours of your effort - unlike the traditional vendors requiring massive projects and risky return-on-investment.


AIMS AIOps benefits, our customers realized

  • Validate the value of AIMS for your organization in days or weeks, not months or years. 
  • Time reduced from manual set-up and maintenance of alerts.
  • Cost reduction from improved uptime.
  • Cost reduction by eliminating redundant tools.
  • Reduced time to troubleshoot from better insights.
  • Only relevant alerts allow you to focus on what is important and avoid alert fatigue from cry-wolf alerts.
  • Automation facilitated broader, deeper monitoring which is not possible to achieve with manual efforts.
  • Automated discovery of system relationships. Free time from manual mapping and ongoing maintenance, avoid human errors.


AIOps features that will transform IT and Business monitoring

Features and AIOps use cases that will change your company operations


A universal automated monitoring solution

With 300+ out-of-the-box integrations, the flexible AIMS API, and agents you can connect all your data sources and systems - cloud, hybrid, and on-premise. AIMS is built as a universal automated monitoring tool that helps you analyze and surface deep insights from your time-series data.


Dynamic thresholds 

Your business is cyclical and so is the load on your IT infrastructure. Hence, manual configuration of alerting thresholds fails while the number of performance metrics explodes with technology proliferation. 

AIMS learns the cyclical normal behavior of all performance metrics which allows you to efficiently extend your monitoring scope to cover all your bases and avoid monitoring blind spots and free you from manual setup of static thresholds and workflows.


Anomaly Detection and alerts

Anomaly detection and smart alerting are key to efficient performance monitoring. Succeeding with proactive monitoring relies on performance anomalies alerts across all relevant IT systems. To understand the cascading effect of performance problems cohesive anomaly alerting across technology silos is crucial. With AIMS Anomaly Alerts you get an early warning of performance issues with their cascading impact across your tech stack and business services.


Correlation Topology 

Static IT documentation and manual application dependency mapping do not work in a modern agile world. Manually instrumenting code and tracing transactions is challenging - if not impossible, prone to human error and represents an overhead cost.  

Systems view application dependency mapping

AIMS provides topology discovery which identifies and correlates system dependencies across your IT systems simply by analyzing the granular behavior of each system. Achieve automated infrastructure monitoring, service management and gain insights into application dependencies without any effort with automated application dependency discovery and mapping, powered by Artificial Intelligence.

physical aims topology

Using AIMS Correlation Topology, you don't have to instrument anything, or do any manual setup. AIMS pulls the data, automatically discovers interdependencies and relationships between application components, then visualizes it for you in a map so you can easily view relationships and dependencies on a specific node, system, or application.

Real-time advanced analytics and performance metrics

The complexity of modern IT, driven by digital transformation, has exploded with more data, more dependencies, higher vulnerability, and bigger business impact.

Dashboards AIOps

The AIMS dashboards provide clear application performance visibility and key insights that help you navigate through the technology your business relies on. From discovering new IT assets, understanding the overall performance and health of your technology stack, drilling down to view individual IT assets, discovering application dependencies, navigating ongoing anomalies or badly performing systems.


Experience the benefits of AIOps for your organization

Take your application monitoring to the next level with AIMS and achieve full observability and true monitoring automation. Get complete visibility of the technology your business runs on.

Schedule a demo or get started free with AIMS and see for yourself why AIMS rated:

  • #1 for Likelihood to Recommend
  • #1 for Quality of Support
  • #1 for Ease of Use 
  • #1 for Ease of Setup 
  • #1 for Ease of Doing Business With