A comparison of the top AIOps tools

Are you looking for an AIOps tool to improve your IT operations? Then you should first compare available tools on the market. Here are the aspects that make AIMS stand out.

The AIMS AIOps tool at a glance

AIMS is truly automated and has the fastest time-to-value among AIOps tools on the market.

  • Truly automated AIOps – close to zero maintenance.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning at the core – not just an add-on.
  • Fast return on investment – proof-of-concept and value in just 2 weeks.

Build confidence in your IT Operations with AIMS automated monitoring solution. Powered by AI.

Get early notifications with automated anomaly detection of the issues that can bring down your business. Understand which other systems could be impacted with automated service dependency discovery.


Stand-out feature: Automated Service Dependency Discovery


system correlations blueOne of AIMS’ features that stand out among other AIOps tools, is what we call AIMS Automated Service Dependency Discovery. This is not your average, time-consuming, error-prone manual dependency mapping. Our AIOps tool offers automatic dependency discovery and mapping.

We map out and correlate what parts of your system depend on each other. This will give you automated infrastructure monitoring, service management and valuable insights into application dependencies.

You do not need to do any manual setup. The AIMS AIOps tool simply analyzes the data, discovers interdependencies between application components, and then visualizes them for you in a map that is easy to understand.

With topology discovery from AIMS, it is much easier for you to scale your business and IT systems. Autodetect new or removed assets and metrics. Get a complete, up-to-date picture of the technology your business runs on.

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Comparing the top AIOps tools

Before deciding on an AIOps tool for your business’ IT operations, you should compare the different tools available. Here are some of the most recognizable AIOps tools vendors:

  • Splunk
  • New Relic
  • Dynatrace
  • Appdynamics
  • Datadog
  • AIMS

Comparing these on your own would be next to impossible. Thankfully, G2, a peer-to-peer review site that collects and aggregates unbiased technology reviews, has done the research for you. G2 releases reports on the current state of the AIOps market. Its most recent report is the G2 Summer 2022 Grid® Report for AIOps Platforms.

AIMS ranks #1 in several important categories:

  • Likelihood to Recommend (96%)
  • Product Going in Right Direction (100%)
  • Ease of Doing Business With (98%)
  • Quality of Support (97%)
  • Net Promoter Score (93%)

Likelihood to Recommend (96%)

We have always strived for satisfied customers. We are proud of the fact that 96 % of our users would recommend us to others. 

AIMS Likehood to recommend

Product Going in Right Direction (100%)

Our users believe our AIOps solution is headed the right way.

AIMS product going in right direction

Ease of Doing Business With (98%)

Our development has been customer-oriented from the start, and we strive to make it as easy as possible to do business with us. 

AIMS ease of doing business with


Quality of Support (97%)

Our team is always ready to support your business if the need arises, which is something our customers appreciate. 

AIMS quality of support


Net Promoter Score (93%)

Our users love and trust us. Our Net Promoter Score is at 93, and the average score among other AIOps tools is 62.


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How does the AIMS AIOps tool compare to other AIOps platforms?

AIMS has the fastest time-to-value among AIOps tools on the market. Below we will look more at the characteristics that make AIMS stand out among other AIOps tools.

nodes topology

Truly automated AIOps

AIMS is a truly automated advanced monitoring platform with AL and ML at its core. AIMS requires close to zero maintenance, and, compared to other to AIOps tools, you can validate the value of AIMS for your organization in weeks or even days, not months or years.

AIMS uses Artificial Intelligence to provide coherent monitoring across any IT system and its heterogeneous data management relieves IT teams from the time-consuming or even impossible task of manual performance monitoring. It reduces troubleshooting, improves governance, and frees up valuable time from scarce IT resources. This is in contrast to other traditional monitoring tools that require significant manual effort for configuration and ongoing maintenance.

AI and ML at the core

There are many monitoring tools on the market that have jumped onto the AIOps vertical and are claiming to solve modern monitoring problems. But, in real life, IT monitoring remains broken, as only a few vendors have AIOps at their core. Just providing an add-on module with an algorithm on top of traditional monitoring products and tactics is not

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) is a term that was coined by Gartner only as recently as 2017, while AIMS had already started working on it back in 2011. We did not jump onto AI and Machine Learning when it became The Next Big Thing – AIMS had it as a starting point.

Fast return on investment

There is no future of IT operations that does not include AIOps. AIMS strives to make AIOps not only affordable, but profitable for your organization, and to ensure a solid return-on-investment for your AIOps initiative. With AIMS, you can run a proof-of-concept and get the value delivered in days. This requires only a few hours of your effort – unlike with traditional vendors that require massive projects and risky investments.


AIOps tools are revolutionizing IT monitoring and IT operations

physical aims topology

The IT systems of businesses are becoming more complex. With this increased complexity comes an increased vulnerability. Complex IT systems are harder to monitor and manage. Existing monitoring tools are simply not equipped to deal with the challenges facing modern IT environments and companies.

Traditional IT monitoring is broken. Hiring more staff to your IT operations team will not solve this problem. Switching from ITOps to AIOps will.

AIOps tools scale with your business. With an AIOps platform, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to monitor your IT environment, you can continue to grow your business without worrying about complexity.

What is AIOps?

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) combines Big Data and Machine Learning models to analyze billions of data points and metrics. AIOps tools use this data to automatically identify and solve issues.

Learn more in this article.

Some features of AIOps tools:
  • anomaly detection
  • topology discovery (an AIMS stand-out feature)
  • IT operations analytics and performance metrics


AIOps capabilities: What AIOps tools can do for your business

Why do you need an AIOps tool? To avoid downtime and critical system failures – which can result in huge losses for your business. And to gain confidence in your IT operations to be able to scale your operations, technology and various processes. You need not only to prevent issues from happening, but also understand what has caused it and what other systems and components could be impacted.

Here are some of the benefits of AIOps tools:

  • Reduce detection time: AIOps tools identify problems you otherwise would not see – as well as detecting problems before they happen.
  • Reduce repair time: Get faster to the root cause and avoid alerts fatigue. AIOps platforms also prioritize notifications so you can focus on the ones that matter.
  • Reduce manual errors and labor: Your IT operations can focus on other tasks, while also reducing costly human errors. 
  • Intelligent data analytics: An AIOps platform enables advanced analytics in real-time. You also get effective root cause analysis and actionable insights based on real-time and historical data.
  • Automates IT operations: For instance, your IT operations teams does not need to spend time defining dynamic thresholds based on your business behavior – AIOps tools does that automatically.


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