AIMS Innovation raises 2.5 million $ Tripling the organization


The market driver is the explosion in digitalization.  With increased digitalization companies continue to get more IT applications that communicate and are dependent on each other.  The consequence is increased vulnerability, system bottlenecks and increased downtime.  «Many companies are today completely dependent on payment solutions, booking systems and supply chain systems where performance bottlenecks and downtime have brutal consequences.  The interest and demand for our solution has increased with the increase in IT complexity and digitalization», says CEO Ivar Sagemo.

AIMS’ software leverage AI to identify anomalies and trends.  Customers, typically large enterprises, get automated and deep insight which gives them early warnings to prevent business critical situations.  Traditional solutions and manual processes cannot deliver with the complexity of todays world.  Customers using AIMS realize a competitive advantage through more efficient IT operation, faster IT deliveries, reduced downtime and improved control and insight.

«AIMS has now proven the solution with some of the worlds largest companies across industries such as health, retail, manufacturing, transportation, financial services and technology.  Our first step is completed and we are now on to step two.  We are excited to build an international sales organization!», continues Ivar Sagemo.

AIMS was valued at 5.5 million $ before the company raised a round of 2.5 million $ last week.  Existing shareholders contributed 20% of the new round and the funds will primarily be used to finance the build up of sales and marketing organization.


About AIMS

AIMS Innovation has the last years focused on developing a unique solution that provides automated insight into large companies most critical IT systems.  The solution helps prevent bottlenecks and downtime in critical IT systems.  The company has recently raised 2.5 million $ to build a sales and marketing organization to answer to international demand.

AIMS platform is unique, auto-generates a dynamic digital «fingerprint» of how IT systems behave at any point in time.  The fingerprint identifies a company’s business processes and provides customers with insight into how IT delivers for business processes.

AIMS operates in the IT Operations & Analytics market which is estimated to grow 40% annually and reach 20 billion $ in 2022 (Source: Markets & Markets). 

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