AIMS pricing in plain English

May 30 2018

At AIMS, our pricing approach is based on achieving a balance between ensuring the profitability of AIMS (so we can continue to invest in R&D) and giving our customers confidence that they can achieve a positive ROI. This is why we offer flexible pricing – from AIMS Free to enterprise-wide solutions – with dedicated premium support.

Here's an explanation of our pricing in plain English.

We we don’t sell on low price

We invest thousands of development hours annually in core research and development. AIMS technology started as a scientific research project from the Institute for Informatics at the University of Oslo, and R&D continues to be a core pillar for AIMS products.

We invest in research because we believe in solving monumental problems with innovative solutions. We believe this continuous investment gives us a long term competitive advantage, and gives our customers a future-proof supplier they can rely on to deliver the solutions they need – next year and 10 years from now.

In addition to ongoing R&D, our customers get access to some of the best domain expertise in the world for onboarding, customer support, customer success and premium support to help troubleshoot their IT problems.

Lastly, AIMS is a hosted SaaS solution which means that customers can install within minutes without the need for own infrastructure set-up, lengthy installs and ongoing administration. Extensive amounts of data is stored, processed and analysed on a real-time basis to be able to deliver anomaly-based insight across customer systems. This is a costly computational and infrastructure exercise. The cost that customers would normally incur in capital and operations expenditures from on-premise installs is included in the AIMS subscription fees.


Focusing on customer value: The ROI calculation

Solving monumental challenges means that we focus on delivering superior value to customers. However, our pricing tiers are designed to fit different needs and budgets. The AIMS subscriptions are differentiated by 3 factors:

  1. Available features in the Free, Standard, Professional & Enterprise subscription types
  2. Number of systems/agents you connect
  3. Support requirements (24/7 or Premium Support)

Some may think that the AIMS Free edition is sufficient – or a good way to get started – but most customers opt for Standard, Professional or Enterprise to gain the maximum value out of the anomaly detection and premium features.

The pricing of subscriptions and additional options are decided based on our own Return-On-Investment (ROI) model which is available for customers. Pricing based on this ROI model allows us to be confident in the value AIMS delivers for customers. We also regularly work with customers to complete ROI calculations as part of their pre-/post-purchase processes.


What’s best for your business?

When considering a performance monitoring solution like AIMS, you should ask yourself what’s best for your business. From a business perspective, the answer should always be whichever solution delivers the highest ROI taking risk into consideration. We only work with innovative customers who are looking to improve their business and are motivated to become tomorrow’s winners.

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