AIMS for Service Providers

March 10, 2020
Are you a service provider and hybrid/public cloud have become a BIG challenge? 

AIMS can help...

The market is changing and fast. A few years back virtualization and the fight between VMware and Hyper-v was impacting the market. Now the focus has shifted from virtualization to public cloud services.

Service providers are faced with the reality that they need to change the way in which services are delivered as customers are becoming more strategic, focused and demanding. 

The challenge today is how to deliver a service, independent of location on-prem, hybrid or public cloud. Either way, customers that initially thought they would be able to run and maintain their own public cloud services now understand that it does require work and more so than what was initially anticipated.

Those customers are now expecting service providers to run the services, regardless of location.  

As a service provider, how do you cope with that challenge and how do you build and organise your delivery teams? 

If you ask a management consultancy company the answer would be structure, organisation and agile.Ask the same question to a software integrator and the answer would be packaged services, manpower and dev-ops.

Any service provider today will tell you that they have plenty of tools in their operations kit today, probably more so than what they need. But are these tools ready for the complex job that is controlling and monitoring all clouds, private and public? And are these tools smart enough to automate processes and allow service providers to focus more on the data and services, not on the cumbersome task of monitoring?

At AIMS we believe the answer is no and this is confirmed by the majority of service providers we engage with. Tools currently being used are silo based, have little or no automation and require manpower to run/maintain and change according to new services being implemented. 

When customers demand new services, the tools to control and maintain insight, is today the key reason why a service provider fails to deliver at the speed expected by the customer. 

AIMS is a SAAS analytics and monitoring company. But different to all other competitors, we use AI as our core component, enabling service providers to use smartness on top of all customer and application data. 
This is a game changer. 

All we need is data and we are happy to collect that data from existing monitoring solutions that you probably have spent years and millions of dollars to set-up and continuously configure or we can simply replace a majority of your legacy monitoring solutions. The choice is yours. 

Using AI adds a new layer to all service providers. Finally we can help you uncover all the structures and patterns within your dataset. 
Private or public cloud? No problem, AIMS collects thousands of performance metrics and application data across all clouds applying AI on top. This allows you as a service provider to launch new services without having to worry about losing control and insight into data. No more technology silos. 

AIMS uses AI to apply learning into the data. In other words, we learn how your customer services and applications behave, alerting you of anomalies, before services are down. Even better, all of the learning happens automatically, which means a service provider can drastically cut time spent by staff tuning alerts, threshold and metrics. 

We started applying our AI on top of Biztalk, but then customers wanted more. We added Windows Server, SQl server, Web server and our latest addition was Azure support. 
Our API/SDK are easy to implement making any time series data available for AIMS to consume. 

What's new: 

We are also planning massive releases in 2020 including

  • Expansion of technology support to additional 170 technologies including AWS
  • Adding billing data for Azure (in addition to billing driver data we have today)
  • New version of machine learning bringing exciting opportunities
  • Expansion in dashboard capabilities to focus on business processes

Service provider licensing
We are revamping and strengthening our focus on service providers which includes strong incentives through free production licenses. The free licenses are available for use internally or commercially to customers and allows partners to build a profitable business quickly.

The free licenses have an activation expiry end of 2020 so do not hesitate, get in contact so we can help you. 

Learn more from this AIMS Partner Intro presentation.


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