Changing the way monitoring works - Announcing our new AIOps dashboard

Looking for a solution to bring all your infrastructure, integration data and applications into one?

AIMS is proud to announce our new dashboard capabilities that allow you to consume, in one easy view, the overall health and structure of your infrastructure platform across on-prem, hybrid and public cloud.  

With our advanced Artificial Intelligence platform (AI), AIMS collects thousands of performance metrics from your systems and applies cutting edge AI learning enabling you to regain control and insight into your data and platform. All automated. 

AIMS represents a new era within monitoring and analytics, allowing you to move away from the traditional world of monitoring consisting of larger implementation projects, constant maintenance and upkeep and little automation.

Our new AIOps dashboard capabilities introduce a range of new features: 

AIMS Score:

AIMS collects thousands of metrics at any given time, allowing real time calculation and monitoring of company systems health by using AI. AIMS score is a new feature within our dashboard that reports on the health of individual IT systems or the overall IT environment represented by a score from 0-100 (100 representing the top score).

The score is a result of our secret sauce calculated by using large volume of metrics, patterns and anomalies. In one glance, the score provides insight into system performance and processes that matters to your business.


Ever wanted to see all of your systems and health status in one view?

Our brand new sunburst functionality allows you to see all of your systems and health score, in one view, allowing you to drill down into the components that matter to you. 

The systems module displays all metrics that are being monitored by our AI engine at any time together with an overview of all healthy, unhealthy components. Together with the AIMS topology view, our systems view enables you to always be on top of all systems running in your environments. 

Needs your attention: 

Traditional monitoring tools focus on green/red light representing system status. At AIMS we consume and analyze BIG Data and structures, applying AI allows us to identify performance issues and anomalies before they cause downtime. In effect changing the way you do monitoring. 

In the AIMS dashboard we have launched the module called “Needs your attention”. 
The module is divided into three main focus areas:

  1. Anomalies - predicting the future

AIMS can predict the future and we do so by using advanced AI to calculate metrics, patterns, dataflows and much more. We deliver real proactive alerting to our customers focusing on systems and connected systems that behave abnormally. In our dashboard our customers can identify real time, active anomalies running, that potentially pose a threat to performance/functionality short or long term.

Anomaly reporting is core to AIMS and our powerful AI engine provides the backbone of our predictions. 

Deal with your anomalies and proactively prevent downtime, before your users and customers feel the pain of not being able to use the service offering.

When an anomaly is identified, AIMS specifically identifies the service that contains the anomaly and allows users to dig deep to identify the root cause and prevent the service from going down.  Proactive analytics and monitoring at its best. 

2. Stopped services

AIMS real time data analytics allow users to identify those services that have stopped.
At AIMS we believe that a service not running, is old news, hence this is why AIMS core focus is providing users with real time information related to anomalies affecting a system prior to a service going down. Proactive, accurate and fast. 

Should however a service experience down time, the AIMS dashboard is designed to help you find the root cause, by providing fast and accurate patterns, anomalies,  pinpointing the issues.  

3. Errors

All systems and infrastructure will at any given time have errors, all with different degrees of severity attached to it. The Aims dashboard report on errors and enables users to use the analytics portal to further investigate. 

Hall of shame: 

The new dashboard provides a unique health score attached to all services. The score allows users real time to identify services whose score is below a given metric and as a consequence is experiencing performance issues .
The services identified are listed in the hall of shame module. To further investigate the issues, users can explore deeper into the metrics and anomalies directly from the dashboard. 

Keep in mind that a service with a low score is still running but overall performance is substandard and should be investigated. 

Activity Feed:

A great new feature added to our dashboard is the activity feed. The activity feed provides users with real time logging of all relevant activities that occur in systems that are being monitored.  
Users can sort by activity, ranging from:
-New systems added 
-System removed
-Nodes added
-Nodes removed
-Anomaly detected
-Anomaly stopped

It is especially important to plan and execute a governance model when operating in a public cloud environment, monitoring real time when new systems are added or deleted or services are not running.
With the AIMS sorting capability and real time insight, being in control of changes has never felt better.

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