AIMS Custom Agents

January 7 2020

Did you know that you can easily create your own AIMS monitoring agents? For cases and technologies where AIMS does not have existing support, you can choose between our .NET SDK or use our APIs directly to create a custom monitoring agent. If you use the APIs you are of course free to choose programming language and platform for your monitoring agent.

In coming blogposts we will cover how to use the API for a custom agent:

  1. How to create a custom agent definition. This will be the data structure for the agent.
  2. Register the custom agent definition in AIMS.
  3. Register a system (representation / type of the custom agent definition) based on the custom agent definition in AIMS.
  4. Create an agent node for the system (a system can contain multiple nodes of the agent type, like multiple Windows Servers).
  5. Manually register data on the agent with a REST client.
  6. Powershell / Bash examples.
In the meantime you can check out our .NET SDK which is hosted on GitHub

Tags: Technical