AI-powered governance gives control over Azure usage costs


When we at AIMS migrated our own SaaS platform to the cloud, our costs went sky high. We used our own AI technology to regain control. Those new Azure governance capabilities are now available as a part of the AIMS platform.

"I love the cloud, but I don’t like unforeseen costs."
"We don’t have control over the unknown factors that may have a ripple effect and possibly bring down our business."

These are typical statements from users who have migrated their IT systems to the cloud.

Most users who move their data and applications into the cloud experience that the number of critical systems and services increases, among other things due to microservices.

Active Azure cost control with AI

We're now launching a governance solution for Microsoft Azure as part of the AIMS AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) platform. The solution for Azure is one of a fast-growing list of AIMS solutions that, through artificial intelligence, provide users with effective monitoring tools for IT services and applications running across on-premise data centers and in the cloud.

"The upside of cloud-based services is massive, but it doesn’t come without effort and good governance," says Ivar Sagemo, co-founder and CEO of AIMS. "Up to now, there have been no good systems to easily gain insight into Azure.”

As a user of Azure, AIMS itself has met and struggled with the limitations of the cloud service.

"Like all Azure customers, we received quarterly invoices, weekly estimates and daily reports on consumption, but it was really difficult to understand what was actually driving the costs," says CTO in AIMS, Marius Wergeland Storsten.

"When we adjusted what we thought was the reason for a cost increase, there was no immediate feedback on the effect, so we just had to wait and see if it worked."

Therefore, we put our own artificial intelligence into use and developed a system that monitors consumption from hour to hour. With savings of up to 40 percent using our own solution, we realized that this is a product that many others can also benefit from, and we are now launching Azure capabilities in the AIMS platform globally.

Get control of your Azure costs

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