5 reasons to install our new Win Server agent

May 29, 2020

We just recently updated our Windows Server agent, as we see a lot of customers want more detailed server monitoring. The old versions´ primary focus was to act as a support agent for application monitoring, so AIMS could correlate basic server performance data to the application performance.

AIMS Server Monitoring

Introducing v2.1, we have the following updates:

  1. MSI installer to support large scale deployments
  2. Total TCP connections for the server monitored
  3. CPU total / per core consumption monitoring
  4. Individual NIC monitoring
  5. Services monitoring - monitor CPU, memory and TCP connection per service

Again, all server components and parameters will be included in the AIMS automated monitoring, with the ability to automatically correlate anomalies across systems and applications. This means that AIMS can pinpoint specific services and parameters that deviates from normal behavior when it comes to resource consumption, and pair this with application performance.

To download the new agent, please visit our agent download page. To update from the old agent, please follow the steps described in this knowledgebase article.

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