Össur slashes time spent on manual monitoring and troubleshooting

July 3, 2018

I have yet to experience a situation where AIMS has not picked up an error before me or anyone else,” says Baldur Knutsson, who is responsible for integration and platforms in Össur, a world-leading producer of leg prosthetics and prosthetic technology.

What started out as a company in a garage in Iceland today has offices and operations in over 18 countries. After a period of acquisitions and mergers, the need to integrate solutions was pressing, and the company chose BizTalk as their integration platform. When Mr. Knutsson first started his job, the platform didn‘t have a specific monitoring solution.


Time-consuming manual monitoring

“It would have been useful, and interesting, to have AIMS in place back then. Instead, I ended up using a lot of time reading logs, hunting for possible errors. Due to the lack of monitoring solutions we had to monitor the environment manually, and in shifts, because we operate globally.

"We had to monitor our environment manually, and in shifts, because we operate globally."

BizTalk is involved in all business processes in Össur, such as sending messages from Össur’s service module, which ensures that service on clients’ prosthetics runs flawlessly. This is a complicated process. Össur tracks the serial numbers on each prosthetic to check when it is due for service, and at the same time, they need to provide a replacement for the client while service is underway.


Proactive alerts for less downtime (and better peace of mind)

“The margin for error is very small”, says Knutsson. “After installing AIMS, I don’t have to spend much time on BizTalk at all, as long as operations are normal. If anything goes wrong, or is about to go wrong, I receive an alert and can assess whether I have to go back to the office to see to the situation, or if I can go home for dinner. I am a lot more relaxed in my free time now, simply because I now know that everything is under control” says Knutsson.

After installing AIMS … I’m a lot more relaxed in my free time, because I know that everything is under control.
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