AIMS Pricing

Flexible pricing with premium support

With AIMS, you get more than just software. Support and onboarding plus hands-on service and monitoring best practices from integration experts are always included.


  • Single user
  • Standard reports
  • Topology
  • Events
  • Reactive alerts
  • Regular support
  • Agents: 1 standard or 20 light
  • 24 hours of data
  • Hourly data resolution
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  • All features of Free +
  • 3 users
  • 5 custom reports
  • Anomalies
  • Agents: 1 standard or 20 light
  • 1 month data
  • Hourly data resolution
  • Mandatory onboarding
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  • All features of Standard +
  • Unlimited users
  • 10 custom reports
  • Multiple environments
  • Agents: 2 standard or 40 light
  • 3 months data
  • 10 minute data resolution
  • Mandatory onboarding
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  • Everything in Professional +
  • 40 custom reports
  • 24/7 support
  • Agents: 4 standard or 80 light
  • 13 months data
  • 1 minute data resolution
  • Mandatory onboarding
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Options: Non-production support, additional agents, premium support

AIMS pricing in plain English

At AIMS, our pricing approach is based on achieving a balance between funding our investments in R&D and giving our customers confidence that they can achieve a positive ROI.


Why we price AIMS the way we do

Pricing FAQ

  • We do not display pricing on our website because we want to engage with customers to make sure our solution fits their needs. Every customer and need is unique and so is every AIMS quote.

  • If you migrating between systems as part of an upgrade or moving co-location facilities, AIMS will ensure that there is no additional license costs.

  • We understand that changing tools is challenging from a budget perspective. We always work with our customers to find a solution that makes the transition easier.

  • We are not more expensive. AIMS Free is free. Our Standard offering is a complete monitoring tool, and the pricing of our Professional or Enterprise offerings are more expensive because those offerings deliver higher value for our customers. Further, AIMS is not an admin tool. AIMS is a performance monitoring and analytics tool that allows you get more done, reduce business interruption and provide business insight.

  • We try to keep licensing simple and predictable. So, for servers we price by number of servers. For Azure Logic Apps, for example, we price based on workflows. Pricing of light agents / services is significantly lower than core agents.

  • We believe in delivering and proving value to customers on an ongoing basis. Hence, we only do subscriptions.

  • We do not change pricing for customers during the subscription period.

  • Yes, you can run trial or Proof-of-Concept. Trials are normally limited to 14 days and you need to run the trial in an environment that resembles production or in your production environment.

  • AIMS allows you to define your own environment. Environments can be production, QA or by location or system. Pricing is the same independent of number of environments. Which means that it’s the subscription, number of agents/systems/services connected and the support model that determines price.

  • Non-production environments are priced at 20% of production (i.e. with 80% discount).

  • Please reach out to us and we will help you.

  • No, we only do annual or three year terms with up front payments.

  • Submit a quote request on our pricing page and we will get in touch to ensure we provide an accurate and attractive quote.

  • AIMS accepts credit card and bank transfers to US or Norwegian bank accounts. AIMS does not accept cheuqes.

  • Yes, we provide mandatory onboarding for paid subscriptions.

  • Using the SDK is currently free of charge.

Integration monitoring tool checklist

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