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Truly automated monitoring

We didn’t jump on AI and Machine Learning when it became The Next Big Thing – AIMS had it as a starting point. AIMS is a truly automated advanced monitoring platform with AL and ML at its core. AIMS is easy to install and requires close to zero maintenance. We strive to make AIOps not only affordable but profitable for your organization.

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Validate AIMS value for your organization in days or weeks,
not months or years

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Time reduced from manual set-up and maintenance of alerts


Cost reduction from improved uptime

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Cost reduction by eliminating redundant tools

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Reduce time to troubleshoot from better insights


Only relevant alerts so you can focus on what is important and avoid alert fatigue from cry-wolf alerts

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Automation facilitates broader, deeper monitoring which is not possible to achieve with manual efforts

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Automated discovery of system relationships. Free time from manual mapping and ongoing maintenance, avoid human errors.

Not your average AIOps platform

True value validated by our customers. AIMS is the most satisfactory AIOps platform with a 97% likelihood of customers recommending our solution, according to G2.

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