Windows Server Performance Monitoring

AIMS provides automated 360° performance monitoring and analytics for Windows Server. You get automated monitoring and insight into the health and performance of the physical server, the running services and network traffic – out of the box with no manual configuration.

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  • Why AIMS
  •  Monitoring and analytics powered by AI
  • What is monitored on Windows Server?

AI-powered monitoring for Windows Server

AIMS is the only performance monitoring and governance solution that applies AI and machine learning to give you complete control over your Windows Server. With AIMS, you can automatically detect anomalies in your Windows Server and correlate anomalies across systems and applications.

Fully automated

AIMS maps, learns and monitors your systems automatically

Artificial Intelligence

Automatically set dynamic thresholds down to the most granular level

Machine learning

The longer AIMS is installed, the more accurate it becomes

Extensive real-time analytics

Engage system owners, LoB owners and CxOs

Windows Server monitoring and analytics powered by AI

Windows Server anomaly detection

AIMS can pinpoint specific services and parameters that deviate from normal behavior when it comes to resource consumption, and pair this with application performance. Using dynamic alert thresholds, AIMS detects when behavior is heading out of normal ranges and alerts you earlier – so you can take action to prevent downtime.

Visualize dependencies within and across Windows Servers and the rest of your IT environment

AIMS automatically generates a dynamic, 360° topological map of all dependencies across all your IT systems - including Windows Server infrastructure, services and applications. Understand the impact of any performance impact across your IT environment through navigating the Correlation Topology.

Real-time Windows Server analytics

Drill down into any system, application, component, or performance parameter using AIMS powerful analytics tools. Create Windows Server health reports, identify the root of performance issues, verify SLA requirements, plan for scaling, and more.

What is monitored on Windows Server?

Windows Server metrics

Total CPU, CPU per core, memory, disk utilization, TCP connections total and per network interface

Windows services metrics

CPU, memory and TCP connections for each service running