AIMS SDK and Open Source Agents

AIMS can monitor any custom system or application by using our SDK or APIs. You can use one of the existing Open Source agents, create a custom agent service by using the AIMS SDK or simply use the AIMS APIs directly from within any existing application running in cloud or on-premises.

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AIMS Open Source Agents

The following open source agents are available now:

HTTP Endpoint

Monitor any HTTP based endpoint for availability. Detects 2xx and other statuses returned.

Folder / Fileshare Count

Count messages delivered to any share / folder for correlation of sent / received messages.

IIS Monitoring

Monitors performance on app pools and sites.

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AIMS Open Source Community

The AIMS R&D team is focused on developing AIMS agents for the most popular technologies. Open Source developers can use the AIMS SDK to develop peripheral agents for other connected systems, application and components.

Join the effort for improved monitoring by contributing as an agent developer for our free AIMS monitoring tool!

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