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AIMS Innovation announces General Availability of the New AIMS Insight & Software Performance Analytics Platform

Posted by Ivar Sagemo

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New York / Oslo, August 15th, 2016

AIMS Innovation today announced the launch of AIMS v5, the new Insight & Software Performance Analytics platform that allows businesses to automatically gain insight into anomalies and performance issues in their entire IT eco-system.

Working with clients monitoring their critical Microsoft BizTalk servers, AIMS Innovation has recognized that businesses today are dependent on an increasing amount of connected applications caused by digitalization of business processes and the explosive growth of applications and devices used by businesses on a daily basis. This growth requires increased integration between applications, and hence creates a more complex integration environment. Supporting this integration environment has become critical to avoid any business downtime, but due to its complexity it has become impossible for businesses to do so manually.

The new AIMS platform gives clients the opportunity to significantly reduce time wasted on manual and tedious tasks across departments and hence deliver faster and better IT integration projects to gain a corporate competitive advantage". - Ivar Sagemo, AIMS CEO

New features

While maintaining a focus on the complexities and vulnerability of connected applications and IT integration, the new AIMS platform is able to monitor, analyze and provide actionable insight into any packaged or custom system and delivers correlated anomaly detection across the full IT eco-system.

In addition to offering complete insight and analytics into customers’ BizTalk environment, AIMS now also offers new agents for SQL and Windows monitoring to automatically monitor performance issues and errors.

As well as introducing new agents, AIMS now enables customers to monitor ANY system or application, through the new SDK and APIs.  Use the AIMS SDK to build custom monitoring for any application running in a .NET environment, or use the APIs directly within existing code or other programming languages.

About AIMS Innovation

AIMS Innovation is an Insight & Software Performance Analytics company with offices in New York and Oslo. The AIMS technology originates from the internationally recognized research environment at the University of Oslo. AIMS has quickly established a position as a leader in Insight & Analytics for connected IT systems and is recognized as a global leader in Application Performance Monitoring by Frost & Sullivan. The company is on a mission to simplify and automate Software Performance Insight across complex and connected enterprise software.

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