AIMS Score calculates the health of your Digital Business  around the clock 




The AIMS Score calculates the health of your overall IT environment and individual components in real time around the clock.

The AIMS Score is calculated for each "node" that is feeding data to AIMS for monitoring.  As such, the AIMS Score works for infrastructure, applications and services across on premise data centers and cloud. 


The overall AIMS Score gives you a high level score for the health of your IT environment
from zero to one hundred. 


The AIMS Score is a key driver for critical AIMS functionality that allows you to view the overall status, navigate to troublesome areas and drill down to specific "nodes" to understand bottlenecks or problems in your business with ease.


Learn how it works below

AIMS Score - live health score

AIMS Score is calculated in real time for your overall environment and individually for each of your "nodes".  The score, ranging from 0 to 100 rates the health based on the current and historical anomalies.  The AIMS Score is automatically calculated after installing AIMS and is also used in the System Overview (or sunburst as we tend to call it) as shown below and in the "Hall of Shame".

System Overview (sunburst)

The System Overview shows all "nodes" connected to AIMS almost like slices of a cake.  The different layers represent different levels of the IT environment and different systems.  The lowest level is specific resource types relevant for the applicable system. In the image to the right we have 5 systems connected of 2 types.  In total there are 2359 Nodes connected (24 different types) and a total of 6181 metrics monitored in real time.

AIMS Score and color coding

The AIMS Score use thresholds to identify three different states: healthy, needs your attention and unhealthy.  Each of these are identified by a color: green, orange and red.  In the image to the right we have 5 systems (orange) that needs attention, 65 nodes that need attention and 881 unhealthy nodes.   

Investigate unhealthy nodes

The "Sunburst" allows you to navigate or do a drill-down to the resource type level with the corresponding details table (right of the sunburst) updating with relevant information.  As you can see in the image to the right links appear for "143 Nodes" and "61 Unhealthy".  These links allow you to open a new dashboard pane with details (see below).

Drill-down pane

Clicking the link as described above opens a new pane in the dashboard window which will present the applicable nodes (all nodes of that type, unhealthy nodes or those that needs attention).  The image to the left shows the drill-down pane for the AIMS Open Source SNMP network agent.  In situation we have 3 nodes that Needs Attention (orange) - all with a AIMS Score of 88 out of 100.  From this drill-down pane user can further navigate to understand more by clicking the "Node Name" or the "System Name".



The AIMS Score is unique capability that leverage AIMS Anomalies, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to give you an easy view of how your digital business behaves while empowering further analysis and investigations through the drill-down capabilities. 

Learn more about Anomalies here.