AIMS Technology agents


Agent Download & install guides

Agents built for out-of-the-box comprehensive monitoring 

AIMS follow a set of design principles when developing agents as outlined below: 

Comprehensive data collection

AIMS agents collects all relevant performance data to give you confidence in your monitoring coverage.


AIMS agents auto-detects applications and services and auto-enrolls into the monitoring scope.

5 minute install

All agents are designed to be installed quickly, often in as little as 5 minutes.

No performance footprint

Despite the massive data collected AIMS agents do not have any performance impact on the host system.

AIMS agents for on-premise, cloud and hybrid 

Influx Telegraf Open Source Agent

AIMS also supports the Influx Telegraf Open Source agent.  The Influx Telegraf agent is continuously developed to support new technologies.  At the time of writing more than 170 technologies were supported by Telegraf including:

  • Linux servers
  • Oracle databases
  • AWS
  • Cassandra
  • Apache
  • Docker

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Open Source monitoring agents

The AIMS R&D team develops open source agents based on customer requests. Developers can also use the AIMS open source agents and AIMS SDK to develop agents for other systems, applications and services.

  • Network SNMP
  • Event hub / Azure AD
  • HTTP Endpoint
  • Folder / Fileshare Count
  • IIS Monitoring

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Use the AIMS API to connect AIMS to your other tools such as Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM), Zapier, Service Now and more.