Powerful features from applying Artificial Intelligence to IT Operations



Traditional IT monitoring requires users to decide which IT metrics to monitor and manually set individual thresholds. With modern IT eco-systems the number of available and relevant metrics can easily get to tens of thousands.  Hence configuration becomes unmanageable and gaps in coverage grow. Getting meaningful insight and reliable monitoring becomes impossible.

AIMS brings AI to the rescue

We apply machine learning and AI to automate set-up and maintenance of alerts.  AI allows us to provide deep performance insight in real time across all relevant and available metrics - on premise and in the cloud.

  • Proactively monitor and predict anomalies before they occur
  • Prevent bottlenecks and downtime in critical business processes
  • Extract real-time business intelligence from IT systems
  • Reduce time wasted on manual configuration and troubleshooting
  • Enable IT to impact business outcomes and drive innovation
  • Automatically detect changes to resource consumption to help control cloud costs 

What makes AIMS unique?

AIMS is the only monitoring solution that combines AI and machine learning technology with a deep focus on business transactions.


AIMS applies machine learning to continuously build and update normal behavior patterns for all your thousands of metrics.

Powerful agents

AIMS build technology agents for prioritized systems that collects comprehensive performance metrics without any performance footprint.

SDK / Open Source

Flexibility is ensured through available SDK and Open Source agents that allow you to customize for any need.


Use the available AIMS dashboard templates or build your own dashboards using modules and your own metrics collected.


Drill down into the historical data to analyze or troubleshoot using available analytics modules. Gain deep business and technical insight.


Using machine learning AIMS continuously monitor for deviations vs expected state for each of your thousands metrics and provide anomaly warnings.

AIMS Score

AIMS Score is calculated in real time and ranges from 0 (worst) to 100 (best) and represents the health of individual component or your overall IT environment.


Powerful monitoring and insight features

Self-learning powers effective monitoring of modern IT eco-systems

Modern IT eco-systems and digital business requires a different approach to monitoring and governance.  When  complexity and vulnerability explodes it is good to know that artificial intelligence and machine learning takes care of monitoring all your thousands of relevant performance metrics - to keep you covered - and in the known. 

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Powerful agents collect comprehensive performance data out-of-the-box

AIMS builds monitoring agents that installs out-of-the-box in minutes, collects comprehensive metrics without any performance impact on the host system.  AIMS started with key Microsoft agents such as Windows Server, SQL, BizTalk and IIS.  We have now expanded to cover Azure (IaaS and PaaS), network SNMP, Event hub and another 170+ technologies through Influx Telegraf.

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Future-proof through documented API's, SDK and Open Source agents

Customers flexibility is ensured through open and documented APIs that allow extending AIMS to any system.  Through using the API's directly, the SDK or customize other open source agents customers can easily adapt, extend and customize to any required system or data source.

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Intuitive dashboards allow you a birds-eye-view or technical performance insight

Intuitive dashboards are available out-of-the-box after signing up.  Dashboards leverage the intelligence of AIMS - machine learning, anomalies, correlation, auto-detection and the AIMS Score to give you all you need of information easily available.

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Real-time analytics allow you to dig deeper & understand what's going on

Drill down into any system, application, component, performance parameter or transaction using AIMS powerful analytics tools. Create health reports, identify the root of performance issues, verify SLA requirements, plan for scaling and more.

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Real time anomalies allow you to prevent instead of firefight

AIMS can predict anomalies within a single system and across systems. Using AIMS proprietary machine learning algorithms, AIMS detects when behavior is heading out of normal ranges and alerts you earlier – so you can take action to prevent downtime. 

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AIMS Score - live health score for components or the overall IT environment

We built the AIMS Score to surface poor performing infrastructure, applications, services and business processes.  The AIMS Score is calculated in real time for all your IT components with the score ranging from 0 to 100.  

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