Modern IT monitoring for the Enterprise

The AIMS AIOps platform allows IT Operations & Businesses to see & understand dependencies and provide proactive anomalies, across the stack - on-prem, cloud and hybrid

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IT Operation Teams are not set up to succeed with modern IT architectures and digital business

Most IT operation teams rely on a plethora of traditional tools that require massive manual effort in daily use, to set up and maintain - and still fail. 

Each of these tools tends to be used for one technology - creating monitoring silos while modern IT requires a holistic solution across technologies.  Additionally, these tools require configuration, ongoing maintenance, and significant manual effort to work.  Assuming this manual effort is put in - day-in-day-out - you still expose yourself to the limited monitoring scope possible with these tools - which sets you up for risky monitoring blind spots. 


What if you could easily apply machine learning and AI to all performance data relevant to your critical systems and gain critical insight in real-time?

We didn’t jump on AI and machine learning when it became The Next Big Thing™ – AI has been a part of the solution from the starting point, applying it to solve real-world problems. 

AIMS' modern IT monitoring solution leverages machine learning and AI to automate installation, configuration, insight, and alerting while delivering time-to-value in hours and days - not weeks and months. 


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A proven platform used by Fortune 500

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Powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence

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Monitor across on-prem, hybrid, and public cloud


Short time to value

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Reduce the cost of disruption

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Reduce risk and improve governance

Get critical & intuitive insight at the right time

Reduce the cost of disruption

Avoid costly business disruption through gaining relevant, timely, and actionable insight (across technology silos) to prevent downtime.  Say good-bye to reactive firefighting. 
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Get more done with better insight & eliminated manual work

Move faster

Better insight and real-time alerts allow you to deploy code faster with confidence. Removing manual monitoring tasks release IT capacity to your higher-value digital business projects.

Cloud computing trumps human labor with large data

Reduce risk and improve governance

Machine Learning and AI will easily increase your monitoring scope by a factor of 100x or more.  Reduce monitoring blind spots & increase confidence in your monitoring through real time anomalies and intuitive dashboards.

No need for lengthy implementation projects

Short time to value

Create your account and get going in less than 1 hour.  Keep expanding AIMS to your critical business processes when you are convinced.  Flexible pricing and AI ensure your quick ROI.

Used by Fortune 500 and embraced by Microsoft

Future-proof platform

In addition to the existing technologies supported you can extend AIMS through our open API’s to any data source or any of your eco-system tools.  You are not locked into any limited sets of technology support.
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