Data Normalization

Feed any time-series data from any source and automatically normalize the data with AIMS hyper-scalable time series Normalization Engine

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Normalization of time series data into predefined time resolutions

Data needs to be cleansed or normalized for data science, anomaly detection, and AIOps to work. AIMS is domain agnostic and treats all data the same way. Any data fed to AIMS - irrespective of the originating frequency and time resolution - will be normalized into 1 minute, 10 minute, 1 hour and daily data. For example, AIMS will normalize data received in seconds to minute data.

Data Normalization Engine

Data normalization is a key automated capability in AIMS that allows you to ease the data science using an out-of-the-box normalization engine.

The Normalization Engine is critical for the ability to apply machine learning and AI to identify anomalies and dependencies. In essence, we are cleaning data for the data to be useful in scale by algorithms.


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