Real-time insights with dashboards and analytics

AIMS AIOps Dashboards automagically surface key insights from all your IT environment across on-prem, hybrid and cloud.

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Extensive Dashboard

The AIMS dashboards expose key insights that help you navigate through the technology your business relies on. From discovering new IT assets, understanding your overall AIMS Score, drilling down to view individual IT assets, navigating ongoing anomalies or badly performing systems.

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Business-critical alerts

Real-time anomaly alerts allow you to prevent fires instead of firefighting. AIMS can predict issues within a single system and across systems. Using AIMS proprietary machine learning algorithms, AIMS detects when behavior is heading out of normal ranges and alerts you earlier – so you can take action to prevent downtime.

AIMS Score

To ease the challenge of understanding the behavior of your business from a birds-eye view we built the AIMS Score. The AIMS Score is a proprietary algorithm that calculates a score from 0-100 in real-time to let you understand the assets that you should investigate.



Auto-detection of new or removed assets and metrics is a key part of the machine learning power of AIMS. Detecting new databases, new websites, or new Azure resources not only ensures that you automatically enroll in monitoring but also allows you to audit and trace what is happening.

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AIMS' modern IT monitoring solution leverages machine learning and AI to automate installation, configuration, insights and alerting while delivering time-to-value in hours and days - not weeks and months.

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Data normalization

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