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The AIMS AI platform allows IT Operations & Businesses to see & understand dependencies and provide proactive anomalies, across the stack

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Why AIMS Community Edition?

Modern IT ecosystems - running critical processes - requires modern, state-of-the-art tools. 

AIMS Community Edition brings modern, automated, and AI-powered monitoring capabilities to everyone - for free.

Monitoring across on-prem, cloud and hybrid

Seamless across silos

AIMS is built from the ground up to provide automated monitoring across data centers, cloud, infrastructure, applications, and services.  Why? Because the dependencies of modern IT applications built on micro-services, physical infrastructure, and LOB applications know no border. Learn more about AIMS agents.

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Automated monitoring
Leveraging Machine Learning

Automated monitoring

AIMS uses machine learning to automatically set dynamic thresholds for all your metrics (typically thousands) and generate alerts that adapt to your rhythm of business. After installation, AIMS will continuously learn how your system performs on any given day, week, month or year.

Finally real pro-active monitoring

Real-time anomaly detection

AIMS identifies anomalies within a single system and across systems. Using AIMS proprietary machine learning algorithms, AIMS detects when behavior is heading out of normal ranges and alerts you earlier – so you can take action to prevent downtime.

Anomaly detection aims
correlation topology-1
Reduce troubleshooting through deep insight


AIMS charts and correlates any performance metric across the many applications in your integration environment, helping you slash troubleshooting time and more quickly identify the root cause of performance issues.

Bring insight to the surface

Intuitive dashboards

Build visual dashboards using ready-made components and customize them for all your stakeholder groups – both technical and non-technical. Dashboards are a key tool to ensure system owners, line of business owners, and CxOs stay informed and engaged. Learn more about dashboards.

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Cloud-based delivery

Quick time-to-value

AIMS is cloud-based SaaS software, so you only have to install the necessary agents on the systems you want to monitor. AIMS has a near-zero performance impact and is scaled to handle high-load Enterprise systems.

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Guide to the future-proof Azure Monitoring

The adoption of Microsoft Azure and the public cloud, in general, grows quickly. There are obvious advantages from moving traditional servers to virtual machines in Azure, such as provisioning and administration of the servers.

Adopting microservices and elastic resources represent a material change from a traditional server-based or monolithic approach and with different benefits and advantages.

Read the complete guide to the future-proof Azure monitoring: 10 key considerations, challenges, and solutions.

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Some of the most installed agents


Microsoft Azure


Windows Server


Microsoft BizTalk


Microsoft SQL

Open Source monitoring agents

The AIMS R&D team builds open-source agents based on customer requests. You can also use the AIMS open-source agents and AIMS SDK to develop agents for other systems, applications, and services. Find more on GitHub.


HTTP Endpoint

Monitor any HTTP-based endpoint for availability. Detects 2xx and other status returned.


Folder / Fileshare Count

Count messages delivered to any share/folder for correlation of sent/received messages.


IIS Monitoring

Monitors performance on Microsoft IIS app pools and sites.


SNMP agent

The SNMP agent is written in bash (Linux) and can be configured for any switch/router to monitor inbound / outbound traffic per port.


Azure Event Hub

The Azure Event Hub agent lets you pull AD events (logins & audits) plus administrative and security events.