Full Azure environment observability

Effortless AI monitoring of Azure performance and cost in as little as 5 minutes

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Efficiently monitor your Azure environment

Prevent downtime and ensure optimal performance

Empower your ops team with relevant alerts

Understand costs and optimisation opportunities

View real-time metrics

Collect all available performance and billing metrics for all your Azure assets. AIMS provides you with 100% visibility and deep monitoring of thousands of metrics.

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Learn normal behaviour

AIMS learns the normal behaviour of every performance and billing metric to help you eliminate traditional manual work required to configure and maintain alerts.

Detect dependencies

Machine Learning identifies dependencies across your Azure assets from their behaviour. Get the insights to understand IT dependencies your IT Business relies on.

AIMS Concept Topology Discovery


AIMS Concept Anomaly


Identify anomalies

AIMS empowers you with automated alerts of anomalies across all metrics with dependencies. So you can prioritize and take action before business is impacted.

Access reports and dashboards

Access default & custom dashboards and reports for any tech or business stakeholder. Get every insight for any need to understand IT your business runs on.

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Watch as AIMS AI learns your topology and normal behavior patterns.

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