Automated Correlation Topology

Automatically find dependencies and correlations in your IT stack.

Autodetect new or removed assets and metrics. Get the complete, up-to-date picture of the complexity and health of the technology your business runs on.

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Physical Topology Map

The Physical Topology Map is a hierarchical presentation of your systems connected to AIMS.

Physical correlation topology

Intuitive navigation

The root node shows an aggregated status from all connected systems and applications, including AIMS score and anomaly details.Drill down and filter to better understand the dependencies and connectivity of various components.

Immediate availability

The Physical topology is immediately available after you connect the your data sources to AIMS. Forget about manual resource mapping!

Nodes Topology

AIMS processes a massive amount of data and presents it to you via Nodes Topology.  AIMS automatically correlates all the metrics to find relationships between multiple components.

Node topology

Detailed view

The nodes topology provides you with an extensive view of any node, application, or system and their corresponding correlation groups, metrics, charts, properties, and active anomalies.

Correlation groups

AIMS groups all the components that correlate into a correlation group and shows you how recently they have been discovered.  AIMS also automatically rediscovers new correlations as the emerge so it always stays up-to-date. 

System Correlation

The System Topology view presents correlations from every single component and aggregates all this information into one place. This gives you a detailed view on which components inside different resource groups are correlated. 

system view

Resource group correlations

Each resource group can contain a multitude of components like VMs, Azure functions, websites, databases and more. Between the resource groups at the edges of the chart, there are connecting arches going back and forth. These represent the discovered correlations between the resource groups.

Access deep insights

Drill down into a more detailed view by highlighting the resources that are correlated between the selected resource groups or by applying filters.

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Physical topology