Automated Azure monitoring with AI

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Monitoring with traditional tools and manual labor sets you up for failure. With the scope and variability of performance data that needs to be included in your monitoring scope traditional methods fail. Monitoring Azure is no different.

What we face with Azure monitoring is:
1. The resources and metrics you need to monitor explode with microservices
2. Azure is dynamic and code deploys are frequent
3. Increasing use of containers
4. Scaling can be elastic
5. Cost is a new integral performance metric

What if a solution could deliver:
1. Comprehensive monitoring of Azure covering performance and billing for infrastructure, applications, containers, and microservices
2. Automated, no manual work - free up time for your team and up and running in 15 minutes
3. Provide insight that lets you operate at the speed your business requires

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Guide to the future-proof Azure Monitoring

The adoption of Microsoft Azure and the public cloud, in general, grows quickly. There are obvious advantages from moving traditional servers to virtual machines in Azure, such as provisioning and administration of the servers.

Adopting microservices and elastic resources represent a material change from a traditional server-based or monolithic approach and with different benefits and advantages.

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