Automated Anomaly Detection

Embrace proactive monitoring and reduce troubleshooting time with automated anomaly detection, powered by AI.

Get early notifications of anomalous behavior in your systems. Prevent damage to your business.

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Dynamic Thresholds

Your business is cyclical and so is the load on your IT infrastructure. At the same time, the number of performance metrics is exploding with technology proliferation. As a result, manual configuration of alert thresholds is no longer fit for purpose.


Automated baselines

AIMS AI learns the cyclical normal behavior of all performance metrics.

Extended monitoring scope

AIMS allows you to efficiently extend your monitoring scope to cover all your bases and avoid monitoring blind spots.

Relevant Alerts

Succeeding with proactive monitoring relies on performance anomalies alerts across all relevant IT systems. To understand the cascading effect of performance problems cohesive anomaly alerting across technology silos is crucial.

Anomaly alert

Early alerts

AIMS Anomaly Alerts you get n early warning of performance issues with its cascading impact across your tech stack and business service

Cause and impact

The Anomaly Alert shows each metric deviation, the system impacted, the moment it started, and the relative deviation vs expected behavior. In this way, you can easily understand both the cause and impact of the anomaly.


The AIMS dashboards expose key insights that help you navigate through the technology your business relies on. From discovering new IT assets, understanding your overall AIMS Score, drilling down to view individual IT assets, navigating ongoing anomalies or badly performing systems.

Score Sunburst

AIMS Score

To ease the challenge of understanding the behavior of your business from a birds-eye view we built the AIMS Score. The AIMS Score is a proprietary algorithm that calculates a score from 0-100 in real-time to let you understand the assets that you should investigate.

AIMS Sunburst

Sunburst visualizes all connected systems and presents the status of every component. It is a fast way to easily navigate from a high-level overview to detailed views and understand the statuses of your IT components.

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