AIMS for Service Providers

For data center & cloud service providers - AIMS uses machine learning to automate monitoring and insight across cloud and on-premise data centers. Unlike other monitoring tools, machine learning is the core -  allowing automated, self-learning anomaly-based insight across thousands of systems - to understand what's going on and make smart decisions.




The Service Provider market is changing

Organizations are adopting new technologies rapidly, both on-prem, hybrid and public cloud. 
Customers expect service providers to keep up with the rapid pace of IT transformation which exposes the weaknesses in traditional monitoring tools - that fail to efficiently provide the necessary control and insight across all IT silos.

As a consequence, service providers need tools that adapt seamlessly with technology changes,
regardless of data center - on-prem or cloud - or a combination.
AIMS address the challenges and provides a solution for today and future needs.



Drive Revenues

Partnering with AIMS will enable you to win new customers & increase revenue.
White label AIMS as part of your managed service offering and charge a premium. Customer in today's market will pay a premium fee to enable artificial intelligence, proactive monitoring and flexible reporting services on top of critical business applications and infrastructure.

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AIMS offer two licensing models for service providers:

Pay as you grow -
provides a simple and cost-effective way of on-boarding your customers
onto the AIMS platform. Start by monitoring 1 service or 100, the flexibility is yours.
Increased usage of AIMS = lower cost per resource monitored. 
Service providers using the 'Pay-As-You-Grow' licensing model receive up to 30% discount.



'The site license' requires a larger upfront commitment and in return service providers receive up to 40% discount and lower fees on future added resources.
A site license will also enable access to direct AIMS co-marketing, development pipeline and more. 


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How can AIMS streamline your IT Operations?

As a service provider we know you are constantly looking for ways to streamline operations and utilize the latest technology to better serve your customers and increase revenue and bottom line. 

20% reduction in troubleshooting time - stop guessing

According to Gartner 30% of service providers working hours
is spent on troubleshooting customer incidents and challenges.  On top of that, monitoring solutions today require manual configuration defining alerts triggered  by certain values and threshold. These thresholds are likely based on little or no significant analytical or scientific baseline. 

At AIMS monitoring goes beyond 'the know' and takes into consideration all the blind spots you and your customer never knew existed.  AIMS is capable of monitoring thousands of performance metrics at any given time and provides unique patterns and anomalies allowing your team to pinpoint the blind spots quicker and with more accuracy.

AIMS promises to cut your troubleshooting from 30% to 10% PLUS eliminate time and resources spent on setting up and maintaining manual alerting rules (more below). 


Automate installation, maintenance and operations

Traditional monitoring tools requires extensive implementation projects, hundreds and even thousands of hour setup,
in addition to maintenance and updates. All of the above represents a significant portion of any service providers budget. 

With AIMS expect more. AIMS' artificial intelligence & self-learning capability changes the game. AIMS automatically learns the behavior of your customers infrastructure and applications. The key is the AI engine that automates a majority of the tasks that are required - with traditional tools - to install, monitor and upkeep modern applications and its ecosystems. After two weeks of learning, AIMS have created a first high resolution baseline consisting of patterns and performance analysis. The baseline with its data, performance metrics and thresholds will automatically adapt and change according to your customers infrastructure and applications behavior.  

The AIMS AI engine will enable better service offerings to your customers, lower impact on your spend/budgets and increased revenue opportunities. But most importantly, a truly accurate and comprehensive real time representation of the overall health of your customers environments and services. 


Proactive anomaly detection

As a service provider your challenge is to control and monitor large volumes of different customer environments at one time. Firefighting is the norm and traditional tools are reactive and only show you status on/off and spam your operations with alerts of no use or significance. 
Customers pay service providers to deliver stability and performance on all critical applications and infrastructure.
Not reaching customers SLA targets will have an impact on revenue and customer loyalty. 


AIMS anomalies deliver pro-active monitoring.
AIMS' self-learning capability is a unique feature changing the way in which you run your operations.  A core AIMS capability is anomalies, meaning alerting on changed behavior. When AIMS detect an anomaly, AIMS will search for correlation with other affected systems and calculate the degree of severity. Based on the calculation and preference, AIMS only alerts when a high or critical anomaly is detected.

In short, service providers using AIMS experience significant reduction in false alarms and noise. 
Customers are expecting more as new technology is adapted. Customers expect monitoring services to mature from a reactive "service is down" level on to proactive services.

By utilizing the AIMS AI engine, you can truly be one step ahead of customers providing a cutting edge proactive managed service. A game changer.  


Remove technology silos

As a service provider we know you have an abundance of solutions meant to maintain control and insight. Each tool require a domain expert and quickly you are faced with a variety of tech silos, little or no control across environments and internal "political views" affecting overall strategy and decisions.

In short, as a service provider you control, own and maintain valuable customer data, performance data and patterns (big data), but have no way to analyze or act upon those data in a coherent way.

AIMS loves data.
Provide AIMS with access to your data, either via agents or custom API/SDK and AIMS will enable you to understand and make use of the data. 

All of the collected data is presented in one view, resulting in less dependencies on individual resources or tools.

AIMS help you gather, analyse and provide insight, across on-premise, hybrid and public cloud, allowing more flexibility towards customer requests. Further, as AIMS is designed for Service Providers in mind - AIMS naturally is available with multi-tenant capability.

Customers pay for services and reliability







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