Feed any time-series data to AIMS AIOps platform

With 300+ out-of-the-box integrations, the flexible AIMS API and agents you can connect all your systems - cloud, hybrid and on-premise.

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Feed data to AIMS with out-of-the-box agents or the flexible AIMS API. The flexible AIMS API allows you to connect any application your business runs on.

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AIMS agents and integrations

AIMS Agents

AIMS is flexible to work with any custom system or application by using the AIMS SDK or APIs. Use an existing Open Source agent, create a custom agent using the AIMS SDK or simply use the AIMS APIs directly from any existing application running in the cloud or on-premises.


Comprehensive data collection

AIMS agents collect all relevant performance data to give you confidence in your monitoring coverage.


No performance footprint

Despite the massive data collected AIMS agents do not have any performance impact on the host system.

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AIMS agents auto-detects applications and services and auto-enrolls into the monitoring scope.


5-minute install

All agents are designed to be installed quickly, often in as little as 5 minutes.

Some of the most installed agents


Microsoft Azure


Windows Server


Microsoft BizTalk


Microsoft SQL

An additional 300+ technologies with the Influx Telegraf agent

AIMS supports the Influx Telegraf Open Source agent to help you collect metrics from 300+ sources, including your stacks, sensors, and systems.

More about Telegraf

AIMS telegraf integrations

Open Source monitoring agents

The AIMS R&D team builds open-source agents based on customer requests. You can also use the AIMS open-source agents and AIMS SDK to develop agents for other systems, applications, and services. Find more on GitHub.


HTTP Endpoint

Monitor any HTTP-based endpoint for availability. Detects 2xx and other status returned.


Folder / Fileshare Count

Count messages delivered to any share/folder for correlation of sent/received messages.


IIS Monitoring

Monitors performance on Microsoft IIS app pools and sites.


SNMP agent

The SNMP agent is written in bash (Linux) and can be configured for any switch/router to monitor inbound / outbound traffic per port.


Azure Event Hub

The Azure Event Hub agent lets you pull AD events (logins & audits) plus administrative and security events.

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Topology discovery

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