IT monitoring is broken.
Hiring additional staff is not the solution.
AI Monitoring is.


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Traditional IT monitoring systems require users to decide which metrics to monitor and manually set individual thresholds. With modern IT ecosystems, the number of available and relevant metrics can easily get to tens of thousands. Hence configuration becomes unmanageable and gaps in coverage grow while getting meaningful insight and reliable monitoring becomes impossible.

AIMS applies automation, AI and machine learning to solve this problem. AIMS AI-based monitoring solution generates a deep, dynamic 360° map of your entire IT environment and data – including the unknown unknowns.


With AIMS you can


Proactively identify issues that can impact your business and avoid alert fatigue


Extract real-time business intelligence from IT systems and achieve full observability

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Enable IT to impact business outcomes and drive innovation


Prevent bottlenecks and downtime in critical business processes, get to the root cause faster


Automatically detect changes to resource consumption and control costs


Reduce time wasted on manual configuration and troubleshooting

Experience the AI delivering dependency topology from day 2 and anomalies from day 14

With 300+ out-of-the-box integrations, the flexible AIMS API, and agents you can connect all your systems - cloud, hybrid, and on-premise. AIMS automatically normalizes the data with the hyper-scalable time series Normalization Engine. Then AIMS uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to learn the behavior of all your performance metrics across your IT environment, identifies critical correlations and dependencies, and provides you early notification of IT issues that can bring down your business.

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Not your average AIOps platform

True value validated by our customers. AIMS is the most satisfactory AIOps platform with a 97% likelihood of customers recommending our solution, according to G2.

AIMS rated:

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