Understand IT your business runs on.

AIMS use Artificial Intelligence to automate insight into IT dependencies and to provide actionable anomaly warnings - across your IT assets. 

Time to value in days with no instrumentation of code.

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Autonomous AIOps for business-critical systems allows you to automate tedious tasks
and free up your team

Easily feed AIMS any performance data and let the AIMS AI Engine do the work.  Install in hours and experience the AI delivering - dependency topology from day 2 and anomalies from day 14.  Integrate with your ITSM tool of choice or your auto-healing run-books or scripts.

Get early warnings to avoid business impact

Self-learning, behavior based, anomaly detection based on millions of data points across your IT environment identifies probable root cause.

Service Topology to understand dependencies

Automated instrumentation-less dependency mapping feeds organizational knowledge and surface critical business dependencies

Quick time to value - in days - and not months

Our Autonomous and Generalized AI Engine eliminate the large projects traditionally required and dramatically reduce ongoing maintenance

Integrate with your ITSM, CMDB or run-book of choice

Flexible API’s and plugins allow integration with your favorite tools such as ServiceNow, auto-healing scripts or run-books.

Deep monitoring and analytics capabilities


Microsoft focused

Deep monitoring for on-premise, cloud and hybrid systems.


Chart and correlate any metric across your IT environment.

Dynamic mapping

Deep monitoring for on-premise, cloud and hybrid integrations.


Create custom agents to fit your unique integration environment.

Machine learning

Automatically set dynamic alert thresholds that adapt to business cycles.

Real-time analytics

Create real-time reports for insight into critical business processes.


Quick to install SaaS software with near-zero performance overhead.


Push data and alerts from AIMS to issue management and other systems.

Predictive anomaly detection

Predict anomalies and non-events at an early stage and take action.

Flexible dashboards

Build visual dashboards to engage technical and non-technical stakeholders.


Access alerts, reports and dashboards from any device.

Deploy from the cloud across integration technologies

AIMS is cloud-based SaaS software, so you only have to install the necessary agents on the systems you want to monitor.

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