If IT's critical - it's AIMS 

The only AIOps solution covering all core Microsoft enterprise technologies, Azure and AWS (and another 150+ systems including Java / Linux) and gives you deep business insight and control over critical business processes.

Grade your monitoring

AIOps for business-critical systems

We didn’t jump on AI and machine learning when it became The Next Big Thing – we had it as our starting point, and took a hard look at how we could best apply it to solve real-world problems.

Deep integration intelligence automated by machine learning

AIMS applies machine learning technology to provide deep insights into transaction flow through on-premise, cloud and hybrid integrations.

Real-time insight and proactive monitoring

AIMS automatically generates a dynamic 360° map of all the hidden corners of your IT systems and data for predictive anomaly detection and real-time insight into business critical processes.

Configure and troubleshoot less. Innovate more

Companies using AIMS slash time spent on manual monitoring and troubleshooting, freeing resources to drive business innovation and build competitive advantage through IT.

Enable IT teams as business drivers

AIMS enables IT teams to impact business outcomes by making it easier to communicate system insights and performance data with non-technical business stakeholders.

Deep monitoring and analytics capabilities


Microsoft focused

Deep monitoring for on-premise, cloud and hybrid systems.


Chart and correlate any metric across your IT environment.

Dynamic mapping

Deep monitoring for on-premise, cloud and hybrid integrations.


Create custom agents to fit your unique integration environment.

Machine learning

Automatically set dynamic alert thresholds that adapt to business cycles.

Real-time analytics

Create real-time reports for insight into critical business processes.


Quick to install SaaS software with near-zero performance overhead.


Push data and alerts from AIMS to issue management and other systems.

Predictive anomaly detection

Predict anomalies and non-events at an early stage and take action.

Flexible dashboards

Build visual dashboards to engage technical and non-technical stakeholders.


Access alerts, reports and dashboards from any device.

Deploy from the cloud across integration technologies

AIMS is cloud-based SaaS software, so you only have to install the necessary agents on the systems you want to monitor.

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