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Say goodbye to tedious setups, endless maintenance, and wasted IT resources 

Machine Learning Engine

AIMS Innovation applies machine learning to automatically identify the baselines of normal behavior for every single metric, it detects anomalies and alerts you about their potential impact.

Correlation Engine

AIMS Innovation automatically detects dependencies and correlations between multiple applications, databases, systems and other components. It maps these into different topology views so you can clearly understand their impact across all your IT infrastructure.

Anomaly detection
Normal behaviour

Prevent – with Automated Anomaly Detection

Stop firefighting. Instead, embrace proactive monitoring with Automated Anomaly Detection. Forget about manually setting up static thresholds – the AIMS Machine Learning Engine learns the normal behavior of your business based on thousands of performance metrics and automatically creates baselines. Make alert fatigue a thing of the past!

Correlation topology-1

Understand – with Automated Correlation Topology

Get the complete picture of the complexity and health of the technology your business runs on with Automated Correlation Topology. With no more blind spots or ripple effects, you can scale and innovate with confidence.

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Physical topolofy

Use cases

Built to empower everyone in your IT team

icon CIO and IT Leaders

CIO and IT Leaders

It has never been a more challenging time to be a CIO or an IT leader. Ensuring systems are performing well and that scarce IT resources are managed efficiently is more important than ever.

As IT management takes on more risk by introducing new technologies, accelerating deployments, and managing larger data sets, AIMS helps you to gain control over your IT stack without adding operational complexities. This reduces tedious, repetitive tasks and completely automates monitoring and surfacing insights for IT management. 

Solution Architects

AIMS relieves solution architects from the time-consuming, nearly impossible task of manual configuration, tedious monitoring, and ongoing maintenance headaches.

Succeeding with proactive monitoring relies on anomaly alerts across all relevant IT systems. With Automated Anomaly Detection you get early warning of performance issues and the cascading impact of these across your tech stack and business services. AIMS automatically surfaces dependencies and correlations within your IT stack and autodetects new or removed assets and metrics. Forget about manually setting up static thresholds or creating service maps.
Service and Application Owners

Service and Application Owners

The complexity of IT systems is beyond the capabilities of humans to understand and manage. Service, application owners, and line-of-business owners need a better view to dynamically understand real-time performance changes that can impact availability, revenues, and profitability.

AIMS automatically surfaces abnormal performance issues across your IT assets and highlights dependencies and correlations between components. AIMS discovers and presents the insights you need to care about in a convenient dashboard format and allows you to drill down and analyze performance issues. 


Intelligent, automated and universal monitoring platform

Gain the full control over  complex IT environments

dashboard image


The AIMS dashboards expose key insights that help you navigate through the technology your business relies on. From discovering new IT assets, understanding your overall AIMS Score, drilling down to view individual IT assets, navigating ongoing anomalies or badly performing systems.

physical topology icon

Physical Topology

The Physical Topology Map is a hierarchical presentation of your systems connected to AIMS. The root node shows an aggregated status from all connected systems and applications, including AIMS score and anomaly details. Drill down and filter to better understand the dependencies and connectivity of various components.

node image

Nodes Topology

The Nodes view is a very flexible and detailed view. The Nodes Topology provides you with an extensive view of any node, application, or system and their corresponding correlation groups, metrics, charts, properties, and active anomalies.

system topology

System Topology

While the Nodes topology includes all the lower levels of components, the System Correlation view brings correlations to a higher level. It presents the user with the system/agent level. Drill down into a more detailed view by highlighting the resources that are correlated between the selected resource groups.

dynamic thresholds icon

Dynamic Thresholds

Your business is cyclical and so is the load on your IT infrastructure. At the same time, the number of performance metrics is exploding with technology proliferation. As a result, manual configuration of alert thresholds is no longer fit for purpose.

AIMS AI learns the cyclical normal behavior of all performance metrics. This allows you to efficiently extend your monitoring scope to cover all your bases and avoid monitoring blind spots.


Anomaly Alerts

With AIMS Anomaly Alerts you get an early warning of important performance issues with their cascading impact across your tech stack and business services.

The Anomaly Alert shows each metric deviation, the system impacted, the moment it started, and the relative deviation vs expected behavior. In this way, you can easily understand both the cause and impact of the anomaly.


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