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Build confidence in your IT operations with Automated Anomaly Detection and Service Dependency Discovery.
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Automated Anomaly Detection

Proactively identify issues that can impact your business and avoid alert fatigue. AIMS applies AI to identify anomalies that can impact your business.

Forget about setting up static thresholds - the AIMS anomaly detection engine learns the behavior of your business based on thousands of performance metrics.

AIMS automated anomaly detection
AIMS AIOps physical topology

Automated Service Dependency Discovery

Gain effortless insights into your business-critical technology stack. With AIMS, Service Dependency Discovery and Mapping is automated. Autodetect new or removed assets and metrics using powerful artificial intelligence.

Confidently scale and manage your IT operations with a truly automated AI monitoring platform

  • Eliminate time wasted on manual configuration and troubleshooting.
  • Understand the rippling effects of changes and deployments.
  • Deliver an effective performance dashboard both for technical, and business stakeholders.
  • Proactively identify issues that can impact your business and avoid alert fatigue.
  • Extract real-time business intelligence from IT systems and achieve full observability.
  • Automatically detect changes to resource consumption and control costs.
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